Cloud Next vision offers comprehensive university ERP solution for universities to mechanize their processes. Having fully fledged automation, its iCloudEMS product offers university erp, campus management software for automating entire university erp. It is designed to streamline student’s life cycle. Cloud Next vision ropes universities to shape, accomplish, and spread their digital campus. It allows entities, structures, and groups to interrelate flawlessly through campus in an atmosphere which is well-organized and offers suitable delivery of service with its modified and tailored educational experiences. With Cloud Next vision Campus ERP you gain a channel where students, parents, departments and teachers work as a good and effective interaction tool. It does work proficiently either as a campus management system / university erp system software.

Automate admissions
Student’s admission till student/staff leaving the university everything is automated. Eliminates manual procedure and applies self-service portal.

Provide one-stop student access
Let’s students to register and pay fees for courses through the portal and can grant access to make a payment on the account.

Streamline records management
With single digital record and single system for your entire data requirement can streamline student’s records effectively.

Involves faculty
Meticulous Syllabus Planning and Tracking option available and have personalized access to timely, accurate, and institution-wide information.

Manage resources
Manage human skills, making resources, information technology, personnel, funds and processes more open between supervisors, parents and students.

Support decision-making
Tracking daily activities along with the metrics and to meet reporting necessities of organization.

Cloud based University ERP / Campus ERP System Software

Cloud Next vision makes sure that everything is standardized and effective campus processes, reduced cost and effort, greater accountability and faster decision making. The main friendliness aspect of the University ERP Software / Campus ERP System Software allows students to complete time-consuming and tiring chores at ease online as it simplifies the entire process from registration to document submission in less time which further reduces paperwork, saves time and lessens the staff burden.

The ERP solution is designed with the primary aim of integrating various components and divisions of the institution. As such, any campus/university can use the software to bring all functions of all departments under uniform control. Cloud Next Vision forms a central platform for all activities enabling each students, patents and institution access in a single application. Its University ERP Software directly reduces the expenditure as it uses the method of pay per use base. And since it is a user friendly application interface requiring minimal training and computer skills.

Clients located throughout India, UAE, and Africa are happy using our integrated, easily configurable and dynamic iCloudEMS software, since it ensures institutions get complete details & summarized information about administration & academic aspects.

Features of the University ERP / Campus ERP System Software

Specifically built for higher education, our ERP systems enable you to Features of the University ERP system / software

  • Cloud based fully integrated ERP solutions
  • Develop Technology – PHP,MYSQL,J2EE
  • RFID smart cards enabled security
  • Inbuild Biomatrix
  • Net Banking support
  • SMS Alerts
  • Data security
  • Enabled Library module
  • 24 x 7 Availability
  • Free Environment
  • Tally Integrated
  • Automate admissions
  • Streamline records management
  • Involve faculty
  • Support decision-making
  • Time table generation

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