Visitor Management System

Cloud based School EMS module for Visitor Management

In many schools today, Visitors management comprises of guests writing their name in a book. This is an exclusive Visitors management software that helps you in professionalizing the way in which you respect your guests. Our Module permits you to welcome and deal with your approaching and active guests’ whether they are scheduled or not. This product is a finished guest administration to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your school.

The Guest Register feature in our iCloudEMS visitor’s management module is intended to encourage the school in getting rid of the manual procedure of topping off guest passes. The door passes are rather imprinted on to a plain pass/self-glue sticker. The point of preference is the printing of the photo of the guest which is caught through a webcam and imprinted onto the pass/sticker.


  • Visitor’s admission
  • Visitor’s pass printing
  • Appointment administration
  • Reports and insights
  • Dynamic question/surf

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