Cloud based School EMS module for Timetable Management

Time Table is an essential part of all academic institutes. Any educational institute needs to deal with all the diverse part of the process. The distribution of staff to the classes, declaring an occasion or thinking of a sharp change in time table for the faculty can be a daily process.

Time Table Management in iCloudEMS can take care of all the time table management with a single installation.

Major features

  • Timetable – Better Class Management
  • Better time consumption
  • Quick access to add / delete / allocate class to old / new faculty
  • User friendly Dashboard
  • Increases Innovation and Productivity
  • Structured timetable
  • Time management of the classes/seminars/lab/others
  • Instant Notification of the changes in timetable
  • Instant Timetable update
  • Engage Students
  • Alerts
  • Forecast timetable availability
  • Simple to plan / create timetable based on availability of teachers / classrooms / class capacity

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