Student Information

Cloud based School EMS module for Student Information

The Student Information module is intended to introduce a favorable and organized data exchange environment for incorporating students, parents, teachers and administration of a school. These systems enable schools to manage student related activities like keeping records of examination, records of attendance, details of marks scored, daily school attendance and other school related activities.

Major features

  • Easy admission of students to the educational institution
  • Availability of information from a single source
  • Centralized information sourcing & management
  • Centralized accounting & billing procedures
  • Student-related activity monitoring
  • Reminder feature
  • Regular follow-up and future use
  • Easy-to-use streamlined process
  • Easy scheduling of examinations
  • Integrating parents/teachers/administrators
  • Financial aid arrangement
  • Offer a user friendly interface for any user
  • Large data supports
  • Accessible by large number of users
  • Details like admission, course and syllabus, account or fee are added
  • Real time reports
  • Customized reports
  • Available reports in various formats

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