Student and Parent Login

Cloud based School EMS module for Student & Parent Login

One of the significant advantages of the iCloudEMS system is the interface for students and parents to access school activities online. It is the goal of iCloudEMS to not only simplify grading and progress report creation for teachers, but also to enhance communication between teachers with students or parents. By making available details online, students/parents are enabled to monitor their improvements closely, and can use this data to focus efforts to enhance their performance within the class. This component keeps parents included, and effectively taking part in their student’s education.

Major features

  • Online tracking
  • Student monitoring
  • Student performance analysis
  • Online homework
  • Online assignments
  • Online publishing of school activities and classroom policy
  • Real time updates
  • Proper communication between teachers and management
  • Suggestion/complaint box – online
  • Comment posting regarding school activities
  • Teacher feedback posting available for students/parents
  • PTA online
  • Parent/student group generation and communication
  • Progress report viewing
  • Reminder and notification for homework, lab and projects due next day
  • Easy to send private message to the student’s teacher

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