Messaging System

Cloud-Based School EMS module For Messaging System

Nowadays, all parents, students and teachers carry their mobile phone all around. This implies schools can reach to students and parents instantly in a cost-effective way. If there is a case of emergency situations, through this module the organization can convey information to parents.

iCloudEMS brings these features through its key coordinated effort with SMS supplier. It includes capable and helpful multimedia communication for every online module. Important and basic messages can be sent promptly to the handsets of the parents, teachers and students.

Major Features

  • Fast and cheap way to send SMS to any user
  • Communication between administration, teachers, students and parents
  • Recording history for future
  • Fee receipt messages to the parents
  • Birthday wishes
  • Instant schedule and changes can be updated to parents
  • Meeting schedule – SMS and reminders
  • Seasonal greetings
  • Notifications/alerts to school staff instantly
  • Send Event Notifications
  • Class Cancellations messages
  • Medical alert to the parent if their child is ill
  • Emergency SMS
  • Homework information – SMS
  • Group SMS messages
  • New / Events information

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