Employee and Teacher Login

Cloud based School EMS module for Employee & Teacher Login

iCloudEMS system is providing a well established platform for Teachers and employees. Our school EMS simplifies most of the difficult work and thus less consumption of time. Every teacher can concentrate on the academics of their students, likewise employees can concentrate on their work and they can reduce their workload.

Major features

  • Online monitoring of academic related functions
  • Instant notification/message availability
  • Online student assessment
  • Performance analysis
  • Online homework assigning
  • Study group creation
  • Online assignments publishing
  • Online discussion
  • Online tuition
  • Online video lectures for absentees
  • Publishing of educational activities and classroom rules
  • Instant publishing/commenting of various updates
  • Better communication between Parents, students and management
  • Easy to manage organizational activities like applying leaves, requesting for pay slip etc.
  • Homework, lab and assignments, assigning projects
  • Easy to send private message to the students or parents

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