Courses & Batches

Cloud-Based School EMS module for Courses & Batches

There are different tasks that you are required to perform to begin a batch or course. For example, to begin a course/class you need to deal with the course term, timings, course charge and a lot of other details. Mainly, to begin a new batch, you are required to record new information, the task to the staff, students and others. The courses and batch module of iCloudEMS assists you with all the services while beginning a new batch, course, class. This module is portrayed to deal with the documents for courses, classes and the group educational programs.

Courses and batch module is one of the main attraction of our School EMS which makes it an effective EMS. Various courses and batches can be dealt with the single installation of our iCloudEMS school EMS.

Major features

  • Manage courses
  • Adding/Editing/Deleting courses
  • Batch creation
  • Manages multiple courses
  • Manage batches
  • Runs unlimited batches for every course
  • Temporary batch creation
  • Automatic expiring of batches according to the period
  • Customizable according to the size of the school
  • Manage subjects
  • Adding/editing/deleting subjects
  • Manages normal/elective subjects
  • Associated with timetable generation and examination creation
  • Manages the transfer of students
  • Previous batch history
  • Subjects change management
  • Manage tutor
  • Assigning tutors to batches
  • Managing syllabus
  • Managing academic sessions

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