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school erp system
Courses & BatchesCourses & Batches
Human ResourcesHuman Resources
Student AttendanceStudent Attendance
Examination Examination
Customizable DashboardsCustomizable Dashboards
Student AdmissionStudent Admission
News ManagementNews Management
User ManagementUser Management
Institute/Event CalendarInstitute/Event Calendar-BFees & Finance ManagementFees & Finance Management
Student InformationStudent Information
Student and Parent LoginStudent and Parent Login
Employee and Teacher LoginEmployee and Teacher Login
Messaging SystemMessaging System
Report CenterReport Center
Custom Student RemarksCustom Student Remarks
SMS integrationSMS integration

Cloud-based School EMS

The iCloudEMS is a School EMS which provides control over school activities. The iCloudEMS product is an advanced School EMS having fully fledged automation system. School EMS which automates & streamlines complete student lifecycle from inquiry to class completion.

This chief custom program delivers an organization that its school management system promises the one-stop solution to the end user and specialized in school EMS design. The company is promoting this product in India, UAE, and Africa and developed the software to deliver incomparable service that enhances the value of clients’ business. It provides an easy way to perform different actions, like admission, information, examination, promotion, fee management, financial accounting, timetable, staff and payroll, library management, inventory, transport and other utilities, etc., and tasks for teachers, principal, staff, and students. Irrespective of the type of organization whether it is a dynamic startup or a large enterprise setup, the school EMS provides world-class software solutions on different technology platforms.

This advanced School EMS provides a communication channel involving student –teachers, teacher–parents, and parents–school, etc., which works as a good interaction tool and promotes an advantageous learning environment.

Users of this product from India, UAE, and Africa are getting back with positive feedback due to the fact that it can be run and get the benefit out of it with basic computer knowledge.

It’s as simple as that!

The well-experienced designers and technocrats help the clients in consolidating their complex tasks and create an environment of working together. The features of the product of school management software have turned into a legitimate choice for clients to search for a custom software service for school management.

As you can see, iCloudEMS has covered every feature you require to run your institution almost effortlessly, effectively, and efficiently. Being one of the renowned School EMS providers in the market, the clients find us in India, UAE, and Africa the most promising vendor.


Features of the School EMS

  • Fully integrated EMS solution based on cloud
  • Inbuilt Biomatrix
  • SMS Alerts
  • The library module is RFID-enabled
  • E-enabled to teachers, parents, students, management, and alumni
  • Highly customizable
  • Supports Internet banking
  • 24 x 7 Availability
  • User-friendly and maintenance free


School EMS Top Modules

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Courses and Batches

  • Manages batches

  • Managing syllabuses

  • Helps in managing the transfer of students

  • Complete alteration of subjects

  • Batch creation

School ERP Courses and Batches

Student Admission

  • Registration entry

  • Open elective assignment

  • Enrollment no. assignment

  • Admission confirmation

  • Tracking application online

School ERP Student Admission

Fees & Finance Management

  • Fully history backup available

  • Fine management

  • Easy calculation

  • Customizable fee structure

  • Online fee collection

School ERP Fees & Finance Management

Human Resources & Payroll

  • Be able to get talent

  • Manages performance

  • Recompense management

  • Complete tax care

  • Recruiting

School ERP Human Resources & Payroll


  • User-friendly dashboard

  • Structured timetable

  • Alerts

  • Timetable instant update

  • Engages Students

School ERP Timetable

Examination and report card

  • Create subject wise exams / tests

  • An online exam

  • Can record marks

  • Subject wise marks sheets

  • Print student wise report card

School ERP Examination and report card

Customizable Dashboards

  • Complete output results

  • Well-organized use of resources

  • End user flexibility

  • Numerous roles built dashboards

  • Calendars/Tasks/Reminders

School ERP Customizable Dashboards

Biometric & RFID Integration for Student Safety

  • Speedy SMS notification

  • Real-time reporting

  • Fully automated

  • Reduce human efforts

  • RFID based attendance solution

School ERP Biometric & RFID Integration for Student Safety

Mobile Apps for Teacher Parent

  • School info in real time

  • Information alerts to parents on mobile

  • Password protected

  • Notification

  • Impending events or changes

School ERP Mobile Apps for Teacher Parent

News Management

  • Generate news

  • Manage news

  • News search using filters

  • Adding news with rich text

  • Inbuilt messaging feature

School ERP News Management

User Management

  • Allocate Users/Groups/Roles

  • Offers Security

  • User listing and locating

  • Adding user

  • Viewing user

School ERP User Management

Institute/Event Calendar

  • Notifications

  • Compound news

  • Display of calendar in detail

  • Event setup

  • Fully responsive

School ERP Institute/Event Calendar

Student Attendance

  • Every report can be filtered

  • Control over school time

  • Tracking of students’ attendance

  • Simple attendance marking

  • Attendance history

School ERP Student Attendance

Students Information

  • Central accounting procedures

  • Reminder feature

  • Systematic follow-up

  • Real time reports

  • Modified reports

  • East admission of students

School ERP Students Information

Student and parent login

  • Student routine study

  • Online homework

  • PTA online

  • Real time updates

  • Suggestion/complaint box – online

School ERP Student and parent login

Employee and Teacher login

  • Performance analysis

  • Online homework assigning

  • Creation of group study

  • Online assignments, discussion

  • Online tracking

School ERP Employee and Teacher login

Messaging System

  • Record data for future

  • Fee receipt messages to the parents

  • Send Event Notifications

  • Class Cancellations messages

  • Emergency SMS

School ERP Messaging System

Report Center

  • Customizable designs

  • custom report for students

  • Progress report generation

  • Student Registration Reports

  • Various formats & Invoice generation

School ERP Report Center

Custom student remarks

  • Subject wise remarks

  • Convention remarks

  • Custom remarks

  • Performance based remarks

  • Analogous information

School ERP Custom student remarks

SMS Integration

  • SMS notification

  • SMS reminder for meeting

  • Roster change alert

  • Fee due alert

  • Emergency alerts

School ERP SMS Integration

Instruction Diary

  • Instructions to use equipment’s

  • Instruction to use the lab

  • Instruction to do experiments

  • Entry level instructions

  • Management level instructions

School ERP Instruction Diary

Event management

  • Listing of events

  • Uploading photos of events

  • Uploading invitations

  • A Complete showcase of event plan

  • Event alert via SMS / Email

School ERP Event management

Hands on Science

  • Basics of science

  • Category wise experiments

  • Virtual lab

  • Upload new experiments

  • Step by step methods

School ERP Hands on Science


  • Create HTML circulars

  • Eye catching designs

  • Distribute circulars to required personnel

  • Reduces work load

  • Auto visibility

School ERP Circular

Visitor Management

  • Visitor’s admission

  • Visitor’s pass printing

  • Appointment administration

  • Reports and insights

  • Dynamic question/surf

School ERP Visitor Management

Enquiry Management

  • Records complete details

  • Approaches inquiries

  • Produce inquiry reports

  • Allocate enquiries to employee

  • Produce inquiry follow-up reports

School ERP Enquiry Management

Learning Management

  • Enhances learning

  • Simple for instructors and students

  • Scope of automatic noting

  • Deals with the class

  • Working together

School ERP Learning Management

Alumni Management

  • Alumni and Staff catalog

  • Alumni Message Board

  • Alumni registration

  • Registered user’s search

  • Managing members

School ERP Alumni Management

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