Outcome Based Education System Software

Outcome-Based Education Management System Software

iCloudEMS is education software allowing educational institutions to generate a cooperative atmosphere between faculty, students, parents and the management, with the developed optimum enactment in connectivity.

Accomplishment of Students

Insight into how and when to develop educational offerings, together with adding to curriculum and expanding e-learning capabilities. Ensuring less faculty turnover and amplified skills and knowledge levels. An OBE software that assists students to learn and upsurges capabilities to achieve best from the students.

Continuous Integration

With the cloud-based services supporting delivery, arrangement and continuous integration across all stages in the system to achieve presentation agility, which enables education agility by enhancing teaching effectiveness and dipping assessment workload.

Custom-made Dashboard

Increases Efficiency and Quickness with the customized and cost-effective cloud ems platform a user-friendly, highly scalable and customizable cloud solution to meet the exceptional requirements of colleges and higher education institutions generating reports related to fee charges, prospectus, valuations, and much more.

Training and Authorization

Simple, lightning fast data migration to run the excellence standards for authorization such as like to include NBA, NAAC, ABET, TEQSA, CPE, KHDA, etc. with its Customization monitoring services, improved communication and easy to use outcome-based education system iCloudEMS is simply impeccable, briefing the valuation and assessment of accomplishment of learning.

Unmatched Benefits

Seamless mapping of processes and covering complete student life cycle with facilitated advancements, abridged cost and source of best practices.

Tools for Excellence Development

A tangible roadmap to change your education system for a cloud orientation. Providing higher performance, privacy, safety and scalability, which are more strong and simpler to handle. Delivering tools related to operational ease to use the educational concept of outcome-based education.

OBE Management System Software


A scalable outcome-based education management system that can be scaled up or down according to the demands of the institution.

Criteria-Based Assessment

Criteria-based assessment including scoring guides that are utilized to measure a student’s learning outcome. Setting up achievement levels for courses and create online tasks, exams, quizzes, studies, and lots more. Also, add assessment criteria related to learning objectives.

Continued Collaboration

Interactive web and mobile-based applications included in EMS software assisting teachers, students and administrative staff to collaborate beyond the confines of an institute as well as making the process of sharing information seamless and more efficient.


Outcome-based education management solution can help administrators within an institution manage operations and organize data more accurately, thereby, boosting productivity and reducing the time and effort taken to complete routine tasks.

Integrating EMS into the Curriculum

Giving exposure to real-world software and giving a variety of benefits in an education curriculum to help students understand the underlying need of education processes and to serve as a focal point for integration of knowledge across functional areas. Automated mapping tools of the outcome-based to implement, document, and manage EMS explicit curriculum in relation to the scholastic ideas of undergraduate majors.

Competencies and Learning Outcomes

Obedience to University Standards and Instructions built into the EMS modules generating reports covering assignment, objectives, dream, package and instructional objectives, development objectives, values, information, capabilities, abilities, activities and ways of coaching and training of an educational institution.

Mutual Operations

Evolving a clear set of knowledge outcomes around which all of the system’s mechanisms that can be focused. Offering oriented teaching and communicating practices such as eBooks, demonstrations, materials of the course along with living videos and instructions.

Manage Accreditation and Campus

Accomplish your campus from admissions, academics, placement to alumni with outcome-based education, quality monitoring and quality improvement.

Outcome-Based Education Management System Software Benefits


  • Paperless administration to students learning
  • Easy communication between students and teachers
  • Enhance performance through integrated learning institution,
  • Students participation and full attendance
  • Skill enlargement of students


  • Complete insight into their children’s performance
  • Holistic notification to parents via the module
  • A unique user id and password access to parents
  • Easy communication


  • Achieve cost saving and improve communication
  • Complete integrated system.
  • Passivity development.
  • Scalability for future use
  • Improved reporting and data access

Faculty and IT Admin

  • Technology integrated system
  • Data Quality
  • Assessment tools for better recording
  • Tools for teaching performance
  • Students performance tracking
  • Unique modules
  • Reduced complexity
  • Compliance with regulations and rules

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