Higher Education Management System Software

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Cloud-based Higher Education Management System Software

Higher Education Software For Colleges And Universities

iCloudEMS higher education software provides cloud-based ems for colleges and universities and educational administration in a competent and flawless way.

With iCloudEMS Education Management solution you will get a seamless experience and a multipurpose management system for every university and college. On a click of a mouse they can get all the monotonous work simply done, so that they can spend more time tracking student learning! Institution can manage, organize and unify the below features:

  • Reduce administration cost
  • Automate student operations
  • Increase productivity
  • Growth in operation
  • Support learning activities of the faculty
  • Track students detail from admission to enrollment

Managing admissions, student enrollment, accounting, examinations, purchases can be a huge task for a university or institutions and hence they need a software to manage all these tasks. iCloudEMS offers a vigorous, robust and all-inclusive software solution for higher education management software solution. The company provides customized software to its clients. It even reduces student, parent and management related solutions in the form of:

  • Integration of departments across the entire system
  • The EMS functions into real-time
  • A safe database which can with handle combined modules
  • Save time and increase productivity levels
  • Manage class schedules for dissimilar periods without battles
  • Mobile APP for a successful management of colleges
  • Simplify records management
  • User-friendly and flexible
  • Eliminating repetitive processes
  • RFID
  • Biometric integration
  • EMS analytics to analyze the data

Higher Education Software – Connecting Your Community With A Complete Digital Campus

With iCloudEMS one can improve a community where students get the facilities they demand, faculty facilitate teaching and learning in the classroom or online, and departmental staff have the info and provision to be more operative. It helps in systemizing admissions by eliminating manual procedures and save important staff time by allowing potential students to apply online through a self-service portal. It even provides access where students can register, record, and pay for courses directly through online portal. With a single system for all your data requirements and a single digital record for every student, every section on campus can be found & the student information they need. The program gives the option to enter and update grades, and have personalized access to timely, accurate, and institution-wide information. Every decision here is reinforced that helps to track the metrics essential to guide daily operations, meet reporting necessities, and engage your association.

Higher Education Management System Software Additional Advantages

  • Online fee payment through the mobile app
  • Library issues like a duplicate library card or alert about the return of books
  • Updates related to examinations, results, progress, and timetable
  • Automated app to record complaints, grievances of students
  • Access to online library
  • Examination schedule alerts

In addition, EMS solutions include automated applications to send SMS or email alerts of students to notify the parents about progress or attendance record of students.

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