ISO & Objective Based Outcome Reports

Analytical Outcomes and Actionable Reporting


iCloudEMS helps in giving ongoing analytics of your information.

Evaluate accomplishments through data-driven perception a well-defined atmosphere is not sufficient for teaching. It is important to have a superior awareness of the ongoing measures to enhance learning results.

iCloudEMS Objective Based Outcome Reports are utilized by the System administration group, employees or organization staff to import all evaluation information from different sources into the iCloudEMS Result mapped Appraisal Archive.

iCloudEMS Objective Based Outcome Reports serves to:

  • Report Viewing
  • Inspect Results over levels
  • Simultaneous CO-OP realization – Dashboard view
  • Complete Result Break Checking
  • Improved documentation
  • Automated education
  • Recovery is reporting
  • Improved profit and outcomes
  • Communicate directly with the team

While a lot of clarifications for resolving continuous assessment were evaluated by GHRCEM, iCloudEMS gave us a solution for our doubts and simple concerns towards web-based test, it additionally gave extra value through practice and mock tests, particularly it is capable to check every student’s performance and improvements. We have utilized iCloudEMS for different semesters as a part of our establishment. We are satisfied with the amazing backing given by the iCloudEMS group to guarantee both students and teachers.

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