Examination Sitting Plan

Cloud based College EMS module for Examination Sitting Plan

Our module helps to allot Seating for each student for every exam differently only by entering the number of rows and number of columns in the examination hall. The college exams can be conducted effortlessly and other benefits are listed below.

Major features

  • Invigilator settings
  • Student exam fee verification
  • Hall priority setting
  • Exam hall view
  • No: of columns and No: of rows
  • Different combinations and patterns of seating
  • Block details, Exam floor details
  • Preparing Invigilator Duty List
  • Sending invigilation appointment to internal invigilators
  • Absentees report
  • Debarred Students List,
  • Theory examination seating
  • Lab exam seating
  • Notice Board Copy of seating arrangement
  • Hall Wise Attendance Sheet
  • Allocating assets in the exam hall

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