Enquiry Management System

Cloud based College EMS module for Enquiry Management

College Enquiry Management Module is intended to give particular and individualized follow-up to enquiries created by every online action. Every student and parent that connects through the Enquiry Management Module are traced, kept and used at key focuses in the enlistment or admission registration process.

The Enquiry Management Module offers particular advantages to the organization by giving:


  • Centralized Administration that makes a streamlined module with one single purpose of contact for all students’ enthusiasm all through
  • Flexibility of Message through customized and provoke follow-up to all enquiries in local dialect, guaranteeing that there is one reliable and powerful voice of the organization
  • Maximized Maintenance to close the distance between web-based interest and on-the-ground advising
  • Expert Structure for appropriate reactions to all enquiries, as an administration from one of the pioneers in the college
  • Data Gathering that gives comprehension of the organization’s particular business sector – an important apparatus for those looking towards a future

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