Auditorium / Hall Booking

Cloud based College EMS module for Auditorium / Hall Booking

Auditorium / Hall Booking, is a very helpful software for colleges and universities. With its help, bookings can be done in a perfect manner. It helps in tracking when a particular date can be assigned to any event that needs to be conducted in the auditorium. Free dates and occupied dates are instantly visible with the help of this software. It also tells that how many seats have been booked and how many seats are still remaining. Based on the data seats can be allotted to the students without any errors. Sometimes there may be outside events in auditorium and there may be a fee structure for that. In this case it can be linked with the fee module and a comprehensive record can be maintained that how much money has been collected through any event conducted in auditorium/hall.

Main features of Auditorium / Hall Booking software

  • This software comes with a simple interface and can be customized according to specific needs of colleges and universities.
  • It saves a lot of time and efforts.
  • It is embedded with all the functions and features that are needed to handle the auditorium tasks with absolute perfection.
  • It can be handled by the administrative staff through login id and password access.
  • It keeps accurate information about auditorium status and advance bookings can be easily handled with its help.
  • All the details about events can be saved and confidential information can also be stored with this software.
  • This software immediately highlights if any upcoming events are lined up for hall/auditorium.

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