Attendance Management & Academic Monitoring

College EMS for Attendance Management & Academic Monitoring

The attendance management module is designed to handle the attendance requirement of institutes and colleges of all sizes. Attendance of the students is taken and the same is entered in the systems by the respective teachers. All the reports can be generated within no time so that certain decisions can be taken based on attendance. The salient features of these modules are:


The attendance management module and academic monitoring module of the iCloudEMS software has been designed to handle skillfully the attendance of students and teaching and non-teaching staff.

Attendance Management

The attendance management module helps administration of the user institute in granting and cancelling of employee leaves.

(i) Period wise attendance: At colleges, attendance is taken in each class and attendance management module of the EMS software beautifully performs the task.
(ii) Absentees: Attendance management module marks absent students separately. This feature helps teachers to find out absent students and support them to cover missed-out portions taught the day student was absent.
(iii) Report Preparation: Attendance management module prepares instant reports separately on various categories including (a) subject-wise report, (b) defaulter report, and (c) attendance report. This feature of report generation helps the user institution to take attendance-based decisions promptly.
(iv) Event Attendance: Attendance management module includes event attendance and reflects on attendance monitoring.
(v) Theory and Practical Classes: Teacher can take attendance of theory and practical using their mobile phone through the attendance management module.

Academic Monitoring

The academic monitoring module provides teaching staff unique login and teachers can prepare a teaching topic list and lesson plan using this module. Teachers can view the details of the class allotted to them. Academic sessions and extra classes can be scheduled, cancelled, or monitored through the academic monitoring module of the CloudEMS software.

(i) Interlinking of attendance to lesson plan: Through academic-monitoring module, attendance is linked to the lesson plan which is linked to topics to cover.
(ii) Faculty Performance: Academic monitoring shows subject-wise faculty-performance picture clearly. It simultaneously reflects number of students attended, percentage of attendance, number of defaulter, percentage of unit completion, etc.
(iii) Information to department head and principal: Academic monitoring module provides department head or principal of the user institute single report covering every information the department head or the principal needs to monitor how the academics are in progress.

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