Admission Module

Cloud based College EMS module for Student Admission

“Learning is gathering of Knowledge.” Here, in the civilized world, we acquire knowledge through the Degrees. The maiden step for achieving a degree is Admission, which follows many Stages, Tests and Processes. In one educational life cycle, Admission comes once or twice in a very limited and stipulated period. During that period the institute meets with many difficulties and hassles. The associated experts find more and more pressure, fear of missing accuracy and many more challenges. Thus, the old and traditional methods have been replaced by new conceptual and digital processes for a smooth, accurate, qualitative and easy Admission Process.


“Great efforts lead to great Rewards.” iCloudEMS is a continuous, devoted and processed effort from group of software architect, developers and testers from CNV Labs & Technologies. Project handling, implementation and delivery methods to go live for iCloudEMS is commendable. The iCloudEMS Admission module has been used by as many as 50+ educational institutes across India. The Simple design, deep process understanding and user friendly college ems, iCloudEMS Admission Module has established its value and created its own league from the competition.

The iCloudEMS admission module has been designed to conveniently and easily organize the admission procedures of the client institution. Users truly appreciate the simplicity of the module helping them to keep data like promoted/demoted students, payment status, and other details at their fingertips having no expertise to operate the module.

iCloudEMS Admission Module offers best online solutions for joining mess and admissions to the hostel and course. The User can access different templates as well as batches from any location.


Admission Module

Key Benefits for Management

Efficient management is the key to growth and success. If you want a strong management for your educational institutes, see how iCloudEMS Admission Module helps the management to achieve maximum goals in minimum efforts:

            (a)        User friendly Admission Process

            (b)        Instant photography through webcam

            (c)        Instant I Card generation to duplicate I Card facility

            (d)       Bank Challan generation

            (e)        Automatic Student kit generation

            (f)        Category wise report generation

            (g)        Auto generation of an eligibility PNS report

Benefits for Administrators

A good administration is the heart of happy teachers, parents, and students. Administrative bodies of institutes can get the following benefits by using our world-class iCloudEMS Admission Module:

  • Simple administration & management functionalities
  • Zero complications
  • Easy-assigning access rights to users
  • Unique login ID with secured password
  • Defect-free module

Benefits for Parents & Students

The iCloudEMS admission module of the cloud-based EMS bears mind-blowing qualities for parents and students also. Lets us have a look:

  • Parents can access to college information and homework by sitting at home only
  • Students can submit homework and project online itself
  • Online access to examination results
  • Successfully register online
  • Online payments of fees

In the digital world, technology adds a flavor in Education Management Systems. Let’s begin the iCloudEMS Pre Admission Process digitally, which can enhance your productivity, eliminates your hassles and makes your management simple. Ultimately, there will be only one software which sets a benchmark in the market for others and without any hesitation; we will say iCloudEMS is the one.

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