Visitors Tracking

Cloud-Based University ERP Module For Visitors Tracking

There are so many visitors who visit universities on a daily basis and it is highly crucial to keep a record of them to avoid any unforeseen events in the future. Visitor tracking software is a specialized setup that helps in this domain in an unprecedented manner. Thus be it anyone visiting the educational institute, a complete record can be kept like who visited the premises, the timing of the visit, the time when the person left, the purpose of visit etc. This software also helps in storing the information related to visitors such as their personal details, their address, email ids and other data. With the help of this software, it becomes absolutely easy to inform the office staff when a particular guest is arriving at the university and thus all the arrangements can be made beforehand.


Some Of The Main Features Of Visitor Tracking Software

  • It is an excellent front desk management system that can simplify the visitors’ information for educational institutions.
  • It is highly secure and easily monitors the check-in as well as the check-out process.
  • It helps in ensuring quick verification of the visitors.
  • It immediately highlights if any unwanted visitor is there on the premises.
  • All the records related to visitors can be managed from a central point with this software.
  • Report generation is also possible with the help of this software.
  • This software has specialized features like facility for customization, easy to understand interface, online reporting facility, recording signatures and photographs, generating time sheets, sending instant messages to staff and much more.

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