Transport Management

Cloud-Based University ERP Module For Transport Management

Transport Management is an excellent software that provides exceptional modules for managing all the transportation activities of a university in a holistic manner. Thus the entire transportation process can be comprehensively handled with the help of this software and it ensures dissemination of information ensuring systematic and timely communication of important data. This software helps in getting information about a lot of aspects like the route of particular vehicle, the information about left over seats, the calculation of fees based on the distance from university, the details of bus schedule on a daily basis, the details about students who are availing the bus facility, the details about vehicle, information about driver and much more.

With the help of transport management software it becomes easy to allocate the remaining seats to students and it also helps in tracking all the details related to a particular vehicle and its route. Report generation is also possible with the help of this software and be it any information related to the transport system everything is readily available in a go.


Transport Management Software Main Highlights

  • Helps in managing all the information about the vehicle at a centralized system.
  • Keeps records about all the details related to driver.
  • Helps in fee calculation based on routes.
  • Can be easily integrated with fee management software.
  • The timings, route coverage, pick up points etc. can be completely understood with its help.
  • One can easily get access to tailor-made reports with its help.
  • For accessing any information quick access button is there on the dashboard.

Thus, transport management software is a prerequisite for universities.

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