Time-Table Scheduling

Cloud-Based University ERP Module For Time-Table Scheduling

The time-table scheduling module is a complete interactive module that helps the user to enter and oversee data and build a full-time table. It is an influential, all-inclusive class and a timetable builder. It’s every automatic programs infrequently produce satisfactory time tables which suit the conditions of a particular institution. It is an automatic module that lets the users to regulate information as the time table is being built. The user has the final say in the allocation of periods. This comprehensive module emphasis on three key areas of timetabling: planning, feasibility tests and scheduling. The preparation side is a fairly simple way if adequate planning has to be taken place. The module has been intended to produce staff, class room and individual student timetables. Time-Table Scheduling can be done without students, but this will not be making best use of the package and is essentially not scheduling in the true sense of the word.


Advantages of  Time-Table Scheduling are

  • Limitless subjects, lines, classes and staff.
  • Continuous integration with the assessment module, letting for fast implementation of the timetable from Valuation data as well as for instant updating of student grade data in assessment from timetable data.
  • Simple timetable formation for fresher’s or old students.
  • Provision for a timetable for the subsequent year during the current year.
  • Fully communicating scheduler that makes sure control is never taken away from the user.
  • Carefully and accurately constructed for sustainable lines, based on student subject selections.

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