Student, Staff & Faculty Leave Management

Cloud-Based University ERP Module For Student, Staff And Faculty Leave Management

Student, Staff & Faculty Leave Management is an excellent module for universities and colleges. It helps to keep a track that how many leaves are taken by students as well as staff and faculty in an accurate manner. With its help all the information can be easily accessed very quickly. It helps in checking that which staff member was absent on which date or for which particular lecture. And in relation to students, it keeps a record that which student was on leave and on which day or if leave was taken for particular lectures only. It can be customized very easily and report generation is possible in a quick manner.


Main Features Of Student, Staff And Faculty Leave Management Module


  • A comprehensive leave management is possible with this module.
  • This setup immediately highlights if any student is falling short of attendance and thus notice can be sent on an urgent basis.
  • It tells how many leaves are availed by a staff member and how many leaves are remaining to his or her credit.
  • Online leave application facility is also available with the help of this module. Thus the parents, students as well as staff can access it for their convenience.
  • It helps in sending alerts to the staff as well as students and their parents if a lot of absenteeism is noted.
  • It can be interlinked with other modules as well and thus ensures easy management of a wide range of data.
  • It helps in analyzing whether students are eligible to sit in exams or not.
  • It provides an accurate data about the leaves taken by employees and thus is highly helpful in their salary calculation.

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