Student Information System

Cloud based University ERP module for Student Information System

Student Information System (SIS) software is the foremost web-based student information management solution for educational institutions. This module helps in rationalizing your complete university operations with an incorporated solution that connects your whole community. Using this module it can also help to bond the communication gap between your community and staff with connected system, serving portals for students, families, and teachers. Thus the module helps in increasing effectiveness, optimize students billing and make the most of your universities planning potential by originating the greatest possible master schedule and minimizing the resources of staff.


Advantages of Student Information System Module are

  • Student attendance and discipline
  • Online evaluations, GPA, class rank, report cards and records
  • Practical’s performance examination
  • Data of medical emergency
  • Enrollment forms and agreements
  • Student billing items including statements, invoices, receipts
  • Selection of types of courses
  • Cross-divisional scheduling
  • Student boarding and dormitory information
  • Finance and Student Billing
  • Enrollment / Fundraising / Development
  • Cafeteria / Lunch Management
  • Parent teacher conference registration

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