Library Management

Cloud based University ERP module for Library Management

Library Management software is highly demanded by educational institutions such as college or universities. It helps in automating the tasks that are related to a library. Some of the main tasks that can be performed with the help of this software are like keeping a record of all the books, keeping a data of other stuff like journals, magazines and e-books, helps in recording the issuance date and return date of books, it tracks down the delay in returning books, the exact location and shelf number where the books are kept and much more. Not only the library tasks get automated but with the help of library management software it gets easy to print barcode labels for books, to create library cards for students and for printing other customized labels for books.


Main features of Library Management Software

  • It maintains a comprehensive record of all the materials that are there in a library.
  • It helps in keeping an accurate record of all the transactions and circulation.
  • Tasks like issue, return, fine management, library membership etc. can be easily managed with this software.
  • Such software provides instant access via student and staff login. Thus all the information can be accessed related to books, new arrivals, library notices, reminders etc.
  • It helps in tracking all the information like in whose name the book has been issued, the return date, overdue period, calculation of exact fine etc.
  • It also helps in classifying and indexing of information.
  • With the help of this software excel reports can be easily downloaded, lost books and library cards can be tracked, printing can be managed, any specialized data related to library can be searched etc.

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