Learning Management

Cloud based University ERP module for Learning Management

Learning Management System module helps to deliver training modules by electronic mode. These modules are delivered via a computer on the internet (cloud-based LMS) or an interacted way of solution inside the organization. Its main use is to accomplish and grow knowledge it comes with the LMS functionality and added services such as monitoring the learning and target setting. It also keeps skill profiles to manage skill compliance. It helps in generating courses and tracks the students’ progress. Also these fundamentals, they come with broadminded features that export the results and hand out the certificates. They also invite other learners into the system and permits 3rd party addition.


Advantages of Learning Management module are

  • Send announcements, notices, and alerts to teachers, staff, students and parents via internal/external email and text messaging.
  • Setup of curriculum, lesson plans and assessments
  • Offer clients some support with classifying which courses will offer them in their advancement arranges; some assistance with showing course appraisals to support criticism and enhance course offerings.
  • Handles all the aspects of a learning process
  • It handles the registry of courses and their administration
  • Tracks, identifies and reports the skill gaps.
  • The skill gaps help to grow further training.

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