HR Management

Cloud-Based University ERP Module For HR Management

Gone are the days when HR data used to be handled manually by the universities and colleges.

In present times, the entire HR database can be handled with the help of highly specialized HR Management software. This is an exceptional module arrangement that keeps a record of all the aspects of universities like their attendance, pay structure, personal details, contracts etc. With such advanced software, manual efforts are saved to a great extent and managing all sorts of human resource activities becomes an easy task.

HR Management Software Benefits


  • Maintenance of Time Sheet as the HR Management software helps in maintaining the time sheet in a perfect manner. Thus a complete entry system can be managed where everything can be clearly recorded.
  • There can be so many aspects of the college staff like their personal details, contact information, residential address, qualifications, their previous work records etc. All this information can be stored in a central place.
  • The entire details related to the leaves taken by the staff and the leaves remaining to their credit can be handled with the help of this software.
  • All the aspects related to the pay structure of universities, the salary that has been credited till date, the pending salary, the reimbursements, deductions etc. can be done with the help of HR Management software.
  • Appraisal processes can also be recorded as well as simplified with the help of HR Management software. Thus, the appraisal records, the bonus which has been granted, change of pay grade etc. are all handled by this software.
  • It can add/edit official details like reporting manager, joining date, photograph, bank details, past employment and qualification.
  • It helps to add / edit staff details along with personal, contact and family details.

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