Hostel Management

Cloud-Based University ERP Module For Hostel Management

Hostel management module manages various activities of the hostel. It deals with details of students, allocation of rooms, admission cancellation, monthly rent, staff details etc.

This module guarantees complete control over the complete hostel workflow. With the inclusion of hostel management educational institutes can effortlessly configure and maintain a different procedure of the hostel with the greatest confidence and value. The student that has been assigned for the hostel is connected through the system. With the precise information, they can simply identify about the hostel and the assigned assets they have been given.

Students, Parents and the official people in the administration can use the software from anyplace and get important information on day to day attendance of students in the hostel. This aids in preserving and continuing discipline and contents both the parents as well as the students. With simple interface, transparency and centred management, parents, students and the admin are aided. Hostel fees and mess fees are connected up with the fees management module to automate the fee calculations of students.

Do you ever think about the necessity of hostel management module in the ERP system?

Below is the necessity of hostel management module in education ERP software.


Advantages of Hostel Management

  • Helps to keep complete attendance records of students, staff, teachers and mess workers.
  • Rooms and bed allocation made easy
  • Complete Mess management
  • Corrective maintenance of log
  • Fees set up according to the amenities in the hostel
  • Avoid all types of misappropriation and mishandling of cash by staffs, Provision for Hostel vacating
  • Final account details
  • Day-to-day information given to parents on hostel attendance

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