Enquiry Management

Cloud-Based University ERP Module For Enquiry Management

Enquiry Management Module is envisioned to offer a particular and modified follow-up to investigations created by each online action.

All student and parent connect through the Enquiry Management Module are outlined, kept and used at key emphases in the mobilization or admission registration process. Even if parents want to know the performance of student they can get reports through this module. This module provides a centralized database and accurate reports. You can view the top prospects of students and their activities.


Advantages of enquiry management are

  • Centralized administration that makes a streamlined module with one single purpose of contact for all students’ enthusiasm all through
  • The suppleness of message through customized follow-up to all reviews in the local dialect.
  • Maximized conservation to close the distance between web-based interest and on-the-ground advising
  • Expert structure for suitable reactions to all investigations, as an administration from one of the pioneers in the university.
  • Data gathering that gives comprehension of the organization’s particular business sector – an important apparatus for those looking towards a future

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