Cashless Transaction

Cloud-Based University ERP Module For Cashless Transaction

Cashless transaction module mainly focuses on the financial transactions done between students and educational institute. It completely includes a digital mode of payments. Educational institutes have now begun taking fees whether it is monthly or examination through online mode of payments using net banking or other apps. This important module does the job of every accounting related work digitally using computer and internet if needed. This has made their job simple in a lot of ways as it needs very less manual support and can track the information already recorded rapidly.

For the reason that of cashless transactions is important in educational institutions is that these institutes are relieved from the stress caused by the activity of managing such finance from various glitches like misplacement and robbery. It has also assisted universities in getting their payments on time because if it is not being put on time the students have to pay fine and they can’t even reject to pay the fine as they will not be able to submit their fees without late fees if they fail to do so on time.

These procedures and ways have made simple and laidback the institute management staff’s most critical processes like fee collection and admission etc.


Advantages Of The Cashless transaction Are:


  • Keeping a full record of pre admission inquiries, along with the details of all the students.
  • It will help in enhancing the resources and decision making will become a lot cooler while allotting the seats during the final admission process.
  • A fast examination of the data is possible.
  • Quicker report generation.
  • Access to even the minute details will be possible.
  • User-friendly module for getting insight into all the specifications.
  • Data security is 100% ensured.

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