Bio-metric / RFID / IVRS / Barcode

Cloud based University ERP module for Bio-metric/RFID/IVRS/Barcode

Bio-metric / RFID / IVRS / Barcode module is highly useful for colleges and universities. This kind of software can be used for a number of purposes like for tracking the attendance of students as well as employees, for overall evaluation and assessment of different tasks, for providing confidential and useful information to the parents as well as staff, it helps in maintaining attendance records, overall monitoring and for many other customized processes. This is an advanced level module that comes with a really simple interface and can be understood by the end users without facing any sort of difficulty.


Main features of Bio-metric / RFID / IVRS / Barcode module


  • Such a module is very fast, can be completely trusted and can be automated as per the specific needs.
  • It ensures top notch accuracy related to attendance data of educational institutes.
  • It helps in avoiding any sort of tampering with attendance data.
  • It acts like an effective channel for communicating the vital information to management, college staff, parents and students.
  • This is a specialized module that can automatically generate login credentials for students as well as parents.
  • It also simplifies the process of filling up admission forms and selection process of course is also eased out.
  • Such module can be integrated with other systems as well and can provide access to all the vital data from a single place.
  • It streamlines a lot of activities like fee management, admission process, keeping a track of attendance, maintenance of hierarchy based arrangement, creating schedules and much more.

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