Admission Management

Cloud-Based University ERP Module For Student Admission

With Admission Management you can easily manage all the aspects related to students’ enrollment. Thus be it any number of students and any type of details related to admission like the basic information, data related to family members, the records of previous schools, TC and birth certificate, report cards, image file containing photo ID or anything else, it helps in the centralization of data.

The role of the admission module is highly important as it minimizes the load of work during the time of admissions and the entire summary of information is readily available with its help before the deadline. Thus for simplification of the admission processes, the admission modules can be completely trusted. This specialized campus software in which the entire details are entered is related to students and this information can be later on accessed as and when needed.

Some of the key information which is utilized in this software is like the names of students, their date of birth, the residential addresses, the marks obtained in the previous session, the up to date qualifications, the course which they have chosen, the details about their parents, information related to local guardian etc. Thus by embedding all this information in the campus the admission process becomes highly reliable and 100% transparent, so eventually no stakeholder can doubt the credibility of the information. After the admission criterion is complete this software automatically generates Login Id as well as password for the respective student and for his or her parent. All the login details are sent to the email id as well as the registered address of the student, and this task is completed by office administration. This login ID and the password are really helpful for the parents as well as students to get all the updates until and unless the course on campus gets completed.


Features and Benefits

  • It makes the admission process really easy and fast going.
  • All the admissions can be traced to their respective batch or course without any mistakes.
  • There is a feature which provides regular alerts related to important things like exams, the due date for fees, results, attendance, college activities, timetable etc. Such information can be accessed by both parents as well as students.
  • It ensures regular updating of database information and no hassles are faced while managing or storing any information.
  • It is also possible to ensure data storage that will take place post registration and collection.
  • It is possible to search for any information based on student’s class, name, batch, course, registration number etc.
  • After the registration process, there is an excellent facility of automatic generation of Login IDs and passwords for students as well as parents.

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