University EMS – Campus Management System Software

university ems system
Marketing AutomationMarketing Automation
Lead ManagementLead Management
Pre Admission & AdmissionPre Admission & Admission
Course RegistrationCourse Registration
Fee / Finance / AccountsFee / Finance / Accounts
Cashless TransactionCashless Transaction
Academics ManagementAcademics Management
Teaching ScheduleTeaching Schedule
Automatic Timetable GenerationAutomatic Timetable Generation
NBA / NAAC AccreditationNBA / NAAC Accreditation Reports
Learning ManagementLearning Management
HR / PayrollHR / Payroll
Hostel ManagementHostel Management
Transport ManagementTransport Management
Library ManagementLibrary Management
Alumni ManagementAlumni Management
Integration of SMSIntegration of SMS
Inventory, Store & PurchaseInventory, Store & Purchase

Cloud-based University EMS

Cloud Next vision offers a comprehensive University EMS solution for universities to mechanize their processes. Having fully fledged automation, iCloudEMS products offers University EMS, campus management software for automating entire University EMS. It is designed to streamline student’s life cycle. Cloud Next vision ropes universities to shape, accomplish, and spread their digital campus. It allows entities, structures, and groups to interrelate flawlessly through campus in an atmosphere which is well-organized and offers suitable delivery of service with its modified and tailored educational experiences. With Cloud Next vision Campus EMS you gain a channel where students, parents, departments, and teachers work as a good and effective interaction tool. It does work proficiently either as a campus management system/university EMS system software.


  • Automate admissions – Student’s admission till student/staff leaving the university everything is automated. Eliminates manual procedure and applies the self-service portal.
  • Provide one-stop student access – Let’s students to register and pay fees for courses through the portal and can grant access to make a payment on the account.
  • Streamline records management – With a single digital record and a single system for your entire data requirement can streamline student’s records effectively.
  • Involves faculty – Meticulous Syllabus Planning and Tracking option available and have personalized access to timely, accurate, and institution-wide information.
  • Manage resources – Manage human skills, making resources, information technology, personnel, funds and processes more open between supervisors, parents and students.
  • Support decision-making – Tracking daily activities along with the metrics and to meet reporting necessities of the organization.


Cloud Next vision makes sure that everything is standardized and effective campus processes, reduced cost and effort, greater accountability and faster decision making. The main friendliness aspect of the University EMS / Campus EMS allows students to complete time-consuming and tiring chores at ease online as it simplifies the entire process from registration to document submission in less time which further reduces paperwork, saves time and lessens the staff burden.

The EMS solution is designed with the primary aim of integrating various components and divisions of the institution. As such, any campus/university can use the software to bring all functions of all departments under uniform control. Cloud Next Vision forms a central platform for all activities enabling each student, parents and institution access in a single application. It’s University EMS Software directly reduces the expenditure as it uses the method of pay per user base. And since it is a user-friendly application interface requiring minimal training and computer skills.

Clients located throughout India, UAE, and Africa are happy using our integrated, easily configurable and dynamic iCloudEMS software since it ensures institutions get complete details & summarized information about administration & academic aspects.


Features of the University EMS / Campus EMS


Specifically built for higher education, our EMS systems enable you to the Features of the University EMS

  • Cloud-based fully integrated EMS solutions
  • Develop Technology – PHP, MYSQL, J2EE
  • RFID smart cards enabled security
  • Inbuild Biometric
  • Net Banking support
  • SMS Alerts
  • Data security
  • Enabled Library module
  • 24 x 7 Availability
  • Free Environment
  • Tally Integrated
  • Automate admissions
  • Streamline records management
  • Involve faculty
  • Support decision-making
  • Time table generation


University EMS / Campus EMS Top Modules


Marketing Automation

  • Manages application and track information

  • Entire database managed in single setup

  • Market Products Effectively

  • Simple tracking

University ERP Marketing Automation

Enquiry Management

  • Centralized administration

  • Flexibility of message

  • Traced, kept and used at key focuses in the enlistment or admission registration process.

University ERP Enquiry Management

Pre Admission Management

  • Tracking information related to admission

  • All the data related to student is recorded perfectly

  • Document complete admission

University ERP Pre Admission Management

Admission Management

  • Integrates college system

  • Easy filling forms from merit list to basic information forms (admission forms)

  • Reports can be generated of admissions happened

University ERP Admission Management

Fee / Finance / Accounts

  • Takes care of all finances associated with institutes

  • Salary, Fees, etc is easily managed

  • Reports of accounts are also generated such as balance sheet, trial balance

University ERP Fee / Finance / Accounts

Cashless Transaction

  • Digital mode of payments

  • Fast examination of the data is possible

  • Data security is 100% ensured

University ERP Cashless Transaction

Student Information System

  • For students, practical batches can be created, promote to another class i.e. scale up and roll no or unique no

University ERP Student Information System

Academics Management

  • Different courses offered in the collage can be managed

  • Semester-wise divisions are managed along with the duration of course, pattern and semester dates

University ERP Academics Management

Syllabus & Teaching Schedule Management

  • Faculties can add topic plans and the admin can monitor it

  • Particular date sessions can be supervised

  • Extra lecture can be added

University ERP Syllabus & Teaching Schedule Management

Time-Table Scheduling

  • Weekly session can also be supervised

  • Statuses of sessions of faculty are shown

  • Semester schedule once created can be created for whole semester

University ERP Time-Table Scheduling

Content Share and Communication

  • Record of pre admission inquiries

  • Administration interface for contents sharing to publish

University ERP Content Share and Communication

NBA / NAAC Accreditation Reports

  • Various kinds of reports are generated for

  • Reports for university can be managed

University ERP NBA / NAAC Accreditation Reports

Learning Management

  • Tracks, identifies and reports the skill gaps

  • Tracks the students’ progress

  • Registry of courses and their administration

University ERP Learning Management

HR Management

  • Complete integrates software for employee database

  • Maintenance of Time Sheet

  • All aspects of pay structure, appraisals etc can be managed

University ERP HR Management

Bio-metric / RFID / IVRS / Barcode

  • Avoids tempering of data

  • Can be integrated in any system

  • Attendance report can be generated

University ERP Bio-metric / RFID / IVRS / Barcode

Student, Staff & Faculty Attendance Management

  • Biometric Integrated

  • Report can be generated

  • RFID card for Staff Attendance

University ERP Student, Staff & Faculty Attendance Management

Student, Staff & Faculty Leave Management

  • Interlinked with other modules

  • Analyzing student’s eligibility to sit in exams

  • Analyze the leaves taken

University ERP Student, Staff & Faculty Leave Management

Inventory, Store & Purchase

  • Basic stocks can be managed easily

  • Can keep track of it by documents and reports

  • Anyone can issue the items

University ERP Inventory, Store & Purchase

Resource Management

  • Rationalize resource requests and bookings

  • Proactively forecast and allocate resource

  • Advanced skills tracking and searching

  • Optimize profit margins and billable utilization

University ERP Resource Management

Hostel Management

  • Day-to-day information given to parents on hostel attendance

  • Complete Mess management

  • Helps to keep complete attendance records of students, staff, teachers and mess workers

University ERP Hostel Management

Transport Management

  • Helps in managing all the information about vehicle at a centralized system

  • For accessing any information quick access button is there on the dashboard

University ERP Transport Management

Visitors Tracking

  • Ensuring quick verification of the visitors

  • Secure and easily monitors the check-in as well as check-out process

  • Records related to visitors can be managed

University ERP Visitors Tracking

Library Management

  • Easy to print barcode labels for books

  • Helps in classifying and indexing of information

  • Comprehensive record of all the materials that are there in a library

University ERP Library Management

Alumni Management

  • Enhancing student career and boost employability

  • Make alumni management entryway

  • Shape alumni handbook and receive job offers

University ERP Alumni Management

Integration of SMS

  • Centralized access

  • Highly reliable and ensures confidentiality of data

  • Reports can be easily generated

University ERP Integration of SMS

Asset Management

  • Vital information to top management

  • Complete record of all the assets

  • Integrated with other modules

University ERP Asset Management

Auditorium / Hall Booking

  • Highlights if any upcoming events

  • Day to day updates

  • Keeping record of all data of enquires and optimization of resources and decision making

University ERP Auditorium / Hall Booking

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