Top Reasons to Choose EMS Software for your Education Institutions
July 28, 2018

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As the name suggests, EMS is the procedure of managing daily duties at the campus, which enables the operational of the university. The campus management EMS is a software that assimilates each and every feature of the university and college, such as the admissions, assignments, payments, examinations and over infinite such aspects over the year.

“EMS gives Higher education system a quality and good quantity education.”

Below are the reasons to Choose EMS Software For Your Education Institutions

1. Student Enquiries Software

There are a whole lot of students who are on the lookout for new colleges or universities for admission. The potential students would try to get in touch with the college. This could either be for admission or for inquiry. The Student Enquiries software will keep track of all phone calls made to the admission office.

2. Entrance Test & Merit Lists

Admitting students into a college or a University involves meeting certain statutory requirements among which taking up an entrance and scoring well is a basic requirement. Through the Entrance test and merit list software, you will be able to track the scores and check the eligibility criteria in an instant. This will further help you to identify the students of merit for whom you could offer scholarships on behalf of your college.

3. Institute Accounting Software

Accounting is a laborious process. You need accounting for statutory purposes as well as to ensure that you are spending within the budget. A good college management software helps in organizing the records in perfect order and manage your expenses efficiently.

4. Students attendance System

The most important aspect of managing an educational institution is to ensure that the students are attending the classes properly and have the requisite attendance to be eligible to take up exams. There is no point in running an institution if the students do not attend classes. The high-quality College management software is endowed with a system that will help to track the attendance across various classes.

5. Staff Management Software

Managing Staff members includes aspects such as managing the salary of 100’s of staff members of an institution, ensuring that they attend classes regularly, and monitoring their attendance, keeping track of the staff leaving and joining the institution and their salary details and disbursal. Managing this complicated matter is made simple with College Management Software.

6. Timetable Generation Software

This is the most complicated and messy job in an institution, which actually gets complicated as the institution grows. Determining which teacher is to go to which class and at the same time ensuring that there is no clash of classes handled by the same teacher is time- consuming and tiring. But with College management software the job is easy and you can generate time tables for all classes without a problem.

7. Student Behavior/Discipline Tracking

You can track student behavior in groups and also have a record of the disciplinary actions against a student with the help of the college management software and frame rules that curb the irrational behavior of the students, whenever t is necessary.

8. Health Management

The college management software helps to keep track of the health conditions of the students, it helps to keep a record of the people who are sick on a day and helps you to quickly identify an illness that affects a large number of students and take immediate action.

9. Library Management Software

With library management software, you not only keep track of the books that are lent and returned but it also helps you to keep track of the requirements of books, and the types of books that are essential to make it a perfect library.

10. Transport management software

Transportation software are designed to help you efficiently and cost-effectively manage your day-to-day needs offers it is fully integrated functionality delivered as a cloud-based solution. It is adopted by many colleges as this software makes sure that students can get to where they wish to go. College management software will let this transportation to be correctly planned with just a click of a button.

Conclusion: colleges/universities are nowadays looking for a reliable EMS solutions that can get bring library management competences because handling a library is really complicated without the help of technology.

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