Role of private sector and development in education industry
January 19, 2016

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education industry

Perspective of looking at contribution of private educational institutions in the development of education is varied from time to time. Yet its involvement in the process of development has been undeniable.

Education is the opportunity that increases people’s awareness for advancement empowering with the ability to seize the scope in hand. Self-help is the best help, and it is easier for an educated person than an uneducated.

             Education has become the most important aspect of life to live victoriously in the recent information technology-driven knowledge-based society. The educated populace easily catching and adopting the potential of the emerging opportunities for progress and economic advancement in this age of globalization.

             During the pioneering days for professional courses like engineering, dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, etc., seats were limited in government institutions. And government failed in increasing the capacity in those institutions of professional education with the increasing demand. Hence, private institutions emerged to meet the need and to earn money for themselves. Private entrepreneurs are smart enough to realize the fact that there is reasonable supply of interested students who could afford the cost of private education.

             Private institutions started introducing courses and subjects, like fashion design, computers, media, jewelry design, travel and tourism, hotel management, bioinformatics, private security, management, insurance, etc., inheriting professional opportunities. Private institutions, from the time they emerged, always packed with the latest facilities, infrastructure, curricula, and technology needed for students. They have been on the front lines of adopting the latest technology, like school/college management system, for better run the institutions. Private educational institutions have been offering greater variety of educational choices to match with the greater variety of educational needs and interests inherent in a student population.

             This is the age of technology and the generation of digital natives unarguably prefers the educational institutions with the technology developed of late. Comprehensive success of private institutions, backed by fantastic management services, attracting majority of brilliant students like magnets in all facets of education.

             Nowadays every sector, whether public or private, recognizes the technological innovations meant for development of education. No one can deny the beauty input of school/college ERP (enterprise resource planning) software’s towards the flawless management of educational institutions. Yet, implementation of the same is noticeably higher in case of private institutions than government institutions. As private institutions do business and earn, they are the front runners of adopting latest technology for the betterment of the institution to maintain goodwill in the market.

           Educational ERP software’s like iCloudEMS developed by Cloud Next Vision (CNV Labs & Technologies Pvt Ltd) offers many modules for the benefit of both student and the institution. Students get the aid of studying at their own pace and yield good results. Most of the clients of CloudEMS are private educational institutions, including various engineering colleges, polytechnics, institutes of architecture. They are splendidly running their institutions using this educational ERP software and contributing en route to the development of education in India.

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