Learning environment and international-standard of education for students in India
January 30, 2016

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education for students in India

In recent times, standards of education changing rapidly throughout the world. By creating an environment for students to cope up with ongoing changes and offering them the latest standard of education, a country as a whole can progress.

Globalization opens the ways for integration and interaction among the people, companies, and governments for upgrade education and investment education industry aided by information technology. Students are keen to grab the opportunity they can have for employment. For employment they want to be global citizens through education.

Indian education is not yet fully internationalized. It is still a process of debate. Through foreign direct investment (FDI), the country receiving private and international higher education providers. But obstacles are there for foreign higher education institutions to enter education sector of India due to non-implementation of latest technologies like school/college management system for flawless administration processes in educational institutions.

At the governmental level, foreign institutions have to be registered with the Indian government for the sake of students’ benefit and for foreign education providers to continue internationalization of higher education in India.

Teacher collaboration and joint degrees for creation of better learning environment

To meet the need of quality teaching faculty, schemes have been announced for Indian faculties to accept in advanced countries and arrangements are being worked out for them to train international standards of teaching and research.

Indian institutions, through a memorandum of understanding, working with foreign universities to offer joint degrees to Indian students. The foreign universities started having campuses in India for students to experience international standard of education.

Causes that lowers the standard of education

Inadequate infrastructure and facilities, outmoded teaching methods, large vacancies in faculty positions and poor faculty thereof, low student enrollment rate, declining research standards, overcrowded classrooms, unmotivated students, and widespread geographic, income, gender, and ethnic imbalances are some of the causes that education standard is not matching with that of global standard.

Settling a standard

Hasty advances in technology changing the way of living. Technology has totally changed communication and work environment. So how education will prepare students to cope up with the real world and to adapt the unfolded future. Education must not only shape to these changes, but has to inspire students towards innovate. Education has to go far beyond just learning how to use new tools. And teaching and learning require rethinking. And schools and classrooms in this digital age have to be re-engineered.

For schools and colleges to carry changes in terms of facilities and teaching methods for the benefit of students and to upgrade education standard, have to work on changing in the management. A flawless management is the backbone of an educational institution. In making its management perfect, schools and colleges can implement school/college ERP (enterprise resource planning) software leaving all doubts and fear behind. Such software’s are developed to meet the need of schools, colleges, universities, vocational institutions, research institutes, etc. All foreign educational institutions interested FDI in India is implementing such management software’s.

To choose out of many present in the educational ERP market, iCloudEMS is reliable, secure, and performing software.

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