Impact of Cloud Computing in Organizations
February 27, 2017

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Change is only constant. Change occurs till it finds the threshold point. When it attains at the threshold point, it breaks and transforms in different shape and different Technology, which terms as Evolution. Communication and Digitization brings the world nearer and nearer. When we talk about space management, people are focusing on Moon to settle its human race, because of Rapid growth of Human Population. In similar term, technology plays.  They say necessity is the mother of Invention. The bulky technical gadgets take the shape of micro-chips. The technology now stores its data from physical server to virtual server. With the space consideration, physical server has transferred to Cloud Server, with better capability, adaptability, disaster management and secure data management systems.
These are the list of points, where you can be benefited, if you are in cloud. 

1. Scale your Wealth

Your output can be enhanced with fewer employees. With the help of cloud, you no need to appoint dedicated IT resources for supporting your employees for their technical problems and questions. When you no longer have to support to end users, you can make a strategy to optimize your business value with your existing resources.

2. Cost Cutting of IT-Infra

Only Cloud Computing can offer the flexibility of pay per use option. It does not entertain the long term fixed cost for no use, you can set your need and scale up or down as per use. Even, the start-up cost becomes surprisingly small.

3. Humdrum Saving

Cloud available on Subscription Model, which makes most of the financial controller happy, as they come to know that their big IT cost saves a lot.

4. Globalization

With cloud solution, you can start your office or log-in anywhere across the world, with the availability of Internet.

If you use solutions such as iCloudEMS you can select access your log-in from anywhere.

5. Smooth Processes

Cloud Solution will provide you a standard system, simplifies work process and makes it easy for your employee to start your work.

6. Better Management

For management, overview of the entire project is very important. With Cloud Server, everything you may get at single point, where managing and executing things becomes easy.

7. Optimize the Association

If cloud solution is implemented in your organization, it saves your time and simplifies your internal communication and ease your work life.

8. Scaling

Hopefully, your business will grow continually. The majority of cloud services have remote servers, so when you need more bandwidth or more users, you can buy it.

9. Automates

When the entire IT solution is stored with a provider, who is also the producer who knows their product well, they also know what ought to be updated. The provider continuously receives a lot of feedback and adjusts according to that.

The updates also include increased security, which takes into account the latest threats. And with a cloud solution, you no longer have to pay extra for these upgrades.

10. Knowledge Back-Up

If you lose any physical device or information such as Mobile or Laptop, filled with data or information, you need not worry for the data, if it is shared on Cloud. You can access from anywhere.

Big IT players are shapping them in Cloud.

The Era is transforming from Tansible to Virtual. It is also the beginning of a new Internet based service economy: the Internet centric, Web based, on demand, Cloud applications and computing economy.

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