EMS Systems for automating campus operations and administration
August 5, 2017

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Enterprise Resource Planning is a software solution which integrates and automates all the back office business processes of an organization and allows seamless sharing of information throughout the organization. Over the last decade, a large number of Enterprises have invested heavily in EMS systems. Most of those organizations benefited from this new IT innovation. EMS enables easy and better control of various functions in an educational institute.

Educational EMS Systems

“EMS helps higher educational institutes in building and managing their digital campus which allows systems, individuals and communities to interact efficiently which, in turn, improves service delivery and personalized educational experiences.”

Nowadays, Small to Medium universities are realizing the potential benefits of EMS system for the organization and are considering investing in EMS solution. It is pertinent to mention that, a robust and high end EMS system can make life easier for teachers, administrators and the students. Educational institutes face number of challenges such as faulty means of exchanging information between departments, accessing information from paper files, lack of an efficient way to keep records of students and staff devoid of errors, lack of accuracy in maintaining financial records such as salary and expenses, absence of efficient means to access old records and many more. EMS software solves all the above mentioned problems and more. Further to this, scientific decisions supported by real time data can be taken in quickest possible time.


Comprehensive interface- The single click interface of the EMS software provides a comprehensive overview of all the departments in the campus. The interface is user friendly and features modern GUI components.

Record managements- EMS provides a single system for storing all the data in digital formats. Each and every student enrolled in the college has a single digital record which can be accessed by any department with ease.

Pre-admission management- The tedious job of managing physical documentation is simplified by scanning the documents and attaching them in the software. This is a paperless concept helps in saving time and money.

Student management- The software enables administrators and teachers to generate their own student reports based on class, subject, division, etc. The faculty is also able to enter and upgrade the grades. Furthermore, the manual processes are eliminated by enabling prospective students to apply online through a portal.

Communication with parents: EMS system enables better communication with the parents through SMS and email alerts. This kind of system makes the parents up to date about their children’s attendance reports, progress reports and notices. The SMS and email alert services also provide acknowledgement of fees receipt and intimation of fees overdue.

Managing library- The books stocked in the library can be recorded digitally according to title, author, category, year of publication and others. A bar code can also be printed with a serial number for each book. This makes the management of the huge volume of books much simpler for the librarian.

Online exams- The EMS system provides a good platform for conducting online exams. Online projects and forums are also available for the students.

Conclusion: EMS solution saves hundreds of hours of the staff every month which are spent on manually entering the huge volume of data in files. The automated process ensures that highly productive work culture is created in the campus with minimum paperwork.

About Us: Cloud Next Vision (CNV Labs & Technologies Pvt. Ltd) is a leading designer of high end EMS solutions focusing on educational institutes in general and higher educational institutes and universities in particular.  The Educational EMS systems developed by Cloud Next Vision for colleges and universities are characterized by quick access to information, synchronization and completely automated processes which save time, cost and energy. Further to this, the entire framework of the institute will be at your finger-tips and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  The company is a leading-edge EMS system in the Ed-Tech industry, has developed advanced reporting tools, powerful data analytics, gap analysis & scoring tools for getting academic accreditation with ease and implement the continuous quality improvement in higher education institutions.

To know more about “EMS implements to achieve Campus Management System for Educational Institutions”; feel free to contact us or visit us at https://www.cloudems.in

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