CloudEMS Reveals Significant Client Growth
January 4, 2016

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The iCloudEMS reveals a growing number of higher education institutions running its enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems using iCloudEMS software.

iCloudEMS offers a large ERP portfolio for all of its users. Representing a significant increase from the past, more institutions are hosting their entire ERP in iCloudEMS.

“iCloudEMS is at the forefront of the ERP software market. It gives institutions the choice on how they want to deploy their ERP solution. With continuous enactment, institutions are satisfactorily turning to the iCloudEMS as a long-term solution.” Dheeren Padhy, General Manager.

iCloudEMS lets clients run their iCloudEMS applications in an ascendable on-demand, and economic way.

“The iCloudEMS developed by Cloud Next Vision (CNV Labs & Technologies Pvt Ltd) company provides clients with a simple and secure way to increase efficiency, lower costs, and practice good business continuity, offering a comprehensive range of personalized support to its clients.” Dheeren Padhy, General Manager.

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