Benefits of Different Educational ERP
January 10, 2017

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Educational ERP

The management of educational institutions holds responsibility to the stakeholders. Before the advent of educational software like college ERP, each of the administrative duties and functions of the administration had to be done manually.

Benefits of college ERP

Benefits of college ERP

By the time passed by, the ERP software emerged and desirable features were added to education ERPs to meet the need of the colleges. And the benefits brought to the administration of educational institutions by college ERP are awesome. Let us discuss some of the overall benefits received by an educational institution.

Curtailment of tasks: The quality of the outcome can be made better by reducing the tasks at hand of the employees. But the workload of administrative staff can never be reduced with the increase in the number of students day by day. Hence automation of the manual work by using a good college ERP is the only solution.

Achievement of Targeted Productivity: With the picking and application of the apt ERP software, the automation of the processes leaves no scope for errors. Error-free production means quality production. The responsibilities like regulation in every department, maintenance of regularity, declaration of result, etc. translate betterment both in quality and quantity.

Relation with the Students: With the implementation of college ERP software and the two benefits, discusses above collectively gather time for the management to spare for the welfare of the students resulting in a smooth and better relationship between these two stakeholders of a college.

Security of data and information: The primary feature added to a college ERP is data security. The password-protected and cloud-based software keeps data more secure than any other manual procedure of data keeping.

Control over all aspects: To empower the management in having proper control of all its functions is the prime focus of college ERP.

It integrates all functions like accounts, canteen, payroll, inventory, etc. The involvement of teachers, students along with the management made possible by college ERP in regulating and controlling each function in a friendly and the respect worthy manner.

Some more benefits of college ERP are mentioned below.

  • Cost-effective management.
  • A quicker management process.
  • More focus on education.
  • Report generation.
  • Elimination of pen and paper stationeries.

Benefits of Campus ERP

Benefits of Campus ERP

Campus ERP is an educational ERP software designed by technology experts to help automate the campus of an educational institute and attempts to offer all features and benefits to the education industry and the management of an educational institution to run self-dependently.

Let us discuss how a university/campus ERP benefits various stakeholders of an educational institution and fulfills the needs of each of them and promotes growth.

The Students

  • Helps students in accomplishing their goals forge towards their ambitions.
  • The opportunity of paying the fees online proper track of the payments.
  • Access the references to the backdated lectures and courses in case of missing a class.
  • The availability of the schedule of classes for the whole year makes students easy to plan their personal life without missing classes.
  • Performances in attendance, course completion and other evaluations criteria and student activities can be reviewed by a student.
  • Access the online references of periodicals, books, and other materials through e-library.

The Parents and Guardians

  • The dashboard for parents through login.
  • Parents can receive the ward’s attendance reports, schedules, and performances.
  • Direct communication of parents with the institute.

The Management

Campus/University ERP offers benefits for the management in two ways, one of the teaching staff and the other for the non-teaching staff.

Non-teaching staff

  • Automation of the admission process.
  • Reduction of the time required for the administrative staff for documentation.
  • Complete scheduling system for the allocation of classroom and faculty.
  • Management and allocation of the institute assets.
  • Online fees collection, fee management, and management of other payments.
  • Dashboards reflecting real-time insight for administrative staff into the functioning the institutes.

The teaching staff

The benefits accrued by the faculties/instructors or the teaching staff of the institute from the campus ERP are listed below.

  • Opportunity for the teaching staff to select lesson/course.
  • Opportunity for the teaching staff to the scheduling of the selected lesson/course.
  • Automated notes’ and lectures’ preparation.
  • Real-time observation of the student performance with the allotted assignments.
  • Campus ERP helps the teachers to evaluate individual student and resolve supporting them as per requirement.
  • It helps the teaching staff to decide on the need for courses.
  • Teachers can conduct re-examinations for the students who failed in a particular subject.

Benefits of School ERP

Benefits of School ERP

Irrespective of the size and type of educational institutions, the load of data management has been capricious yet certain, and is one of the major challenges for them. Catering the services of the Departments of payroll, transports, inventory, etc. to each of the stakeholders of the school, the school management get into a complicated environment losing its peace of mind performance deteriorating  than ever. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software developed recently by the technocrats devoted themselves to the betterment of  the education industry has been a panacea for all these issues.

School ERP are crafted for interlinking, streamlining, and integration of departments with a central server and offers an end-to-end and technology-driven solution, thereby bringing all departments, functions, and activities of the school under one roof and ultimately ensures results better and gathers more productivity.

Multiple stakeholders of a school

School ERP software is able to serve to each of the stakeholders of a school. Let us have a look how these stakeholders can get privilege with the educational ERP system.

School management and the principal of the school

  • Management of cash flow, budgets, leaves, payroll, etc. operating from one platform.
  • Access to every detail and update from each department.
  • Creation of different reports concerning day-to-day activities as well as the academic performance of students of the school automatically.
  • Automation of sending emails and SMSs to staff and parents.
  • Saving data in a more secured way.

Teachers and Instructors

  • Lesson plan designing and preparing.
  • Conduct tests on a regular basis and keeps a track of it.
  • Study material, uploading on the website.
  • Attachment of home tasks, assignments, and projects to students.
  • Monitoring and analyzing of the performance students.


  • Access all necessary details
  • Get the access to study materials, library catalogs, class routines, assignments, projects, etc.
  • Participation in online discussions.
  • Connectivity with teachers and fellow classmates.
  • To view exam schedule and results.

Parents and Guardians

  • Opportunity to check their children’s report cards.
  • To make online fee payment.
  • Connectivity with teachers.
  • Well-informed about school activities and receiving newsletters on a regular basis.

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, school ERP offers many more features for a school to run properly.

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