Automation of Campus Management for Curriculum to Improve Teaching
December 15, 2016

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The online launch of the education ERP campus management software for curriculum mapping tools showing significant results. With this launch, the software making the first step in its quest to lead in the education ERP market.

The united a team of technology experts of the campus management software had worked hard to bring out their best potential in educational software product and created the most complex and innovative curriculum mapping tools and added to the campus management software. Techniques of this product are beautifully crafted using in preparation of dynamic workflows, communication, and collaboration, online forms, report generation and analytics, instant reminders and alerts for intending to transform learning and teaching and enhance student success.

The whole and sole focus of the company has been to develop an innovative product for higher educational institutions to meet with the latest technology advancements in every facet of our lives. Development and implementation of campus management software make it possible to deliver results at the least possible time, covering other aspects of recruitment, registration, courses and curriculum, grading, attendance, fees and much more of an educational institution.

The campus management software helps create an environment for teaching and learning where an overall development of a student perfectly takes care of and the inbuilt analytical and problem-solving features help in adding affluent multi-dimensional educational experience. The overall information about students and teachers and its easy access, including many other daily assessments and activities that are completely taken care of by it. It has numerous features that bring, students, teachers, administrators, and stakeholders to the most comfort zone to perform.

About CloudEMS Campus Management Software

The Campus Management Software is a flagship product of iCloudEMS is developed by Cloud Next Vision (CNV Labs & Technologies Pvt Ltd), headquartered in Pune, India with successful marketing across Africa, UAE, and India. With innovation to benefit education industry, its platform helps educational institutions of all size and form and displaying better alignment in core academic and administrative processes.

It also helps in planning, implementation, management and IT infrastructure maintenance; leading to boost learning outcomes and the ability to turn victorious in the educational ERP market.

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