Outcome Based Education System Software

Outcome Based Education ERP System Software

iCloudEMS is education software offering features for learners and its structure is result-oriented to channelize achievement of the educational institute.

Success of Students

An environment of technology-based management of an educational institute implemented with the latest student-centered and outcome-based education software which helps students to learn and increases abilities of students to perform better.

Customized Dashboard

The tools of reporting and data visualization helps to create different personalized dashboards different stakeholders and to generate reports associated with admission, courses, curriculum, assessments, etc.

Education and Accreditation

Preparation of institutional programs to meet the quality standards for accreditation certifications like to include NBA, NAAC, ABET, TEQSA, CPE, KHDA, etc. with the help of outcome-based education system iCloudEMS is just flawless, summarizing the assessment and evaluation of achievement of learning, including skills and competencies of students. The quality improvement tools support better quality education.

Tools for Quality Improvement

Quality improvement features link the user of an outcome-based education ERP system with the mission and vision of the institution. Assessments and evaluation process available online in the software help teaching and non teaching staff to manage educational objectives of the institution effectively.

OBE ERP System Software


The tool for curriculum helps the institute to curriculum, identification to cover various teaching events across the institution. Automated mapping tools of the outcome-based education software surveys entities of the curriculum and aligns various data aspects like skills, topics, learning activities, competencies, teaching resources of the curriculum.

Capabilities and Learning Outcomes

The outcome-based education software covers mission, goals, vision, program objectives, instructional objectives, course objectives, standards, knowledge, competencies, skills, activities and methods of teaching and learning of an educational institution.

Collaborative Environment

The collaborative tools for teaching staff enable goal-oriented teaching and hand over interactive experiences in the form of ebooks, presentations, course materials with instructions, videos, fulfilling the 21st-century demands of skills like collaboration, creativity, and communication.


Ensure is grading consistency and meet the pedagogical goals of the institution. Automated tools using scoring criteria measure program outcomes for students to attain learning outcomes.

Syllabus and Lesson Plan

Creation of online syllabus, course materials, lesson plan with an outcome-based education ERP software and built in accessibility to various types of learning needs of students is not a reality. The manner of linking of the syllabus and lesson plan is focused on promoting the learning outcomes of each teaching activity and to support student learning.

Assignments, Assessments, and Marking

With the use of an outcome-based education system, the teaching staff can easily design and create online assignments, tests, quizzes, examinations, puzzles, etc. and automatic evaluation of the same with feedback and/or the correct answers accessible to the students.

Questionnaire and Surveys

The outcome-based education can create evaluation, self-assessment checklists, and students can offer survey questionnaire to help improve courses. Evaluation of each of the faculties with peer assessment for the purposes training, action plans, and decision making is never a reality without it.


The outcome-based education ERP creates auto-grading of each assessment and faculties can create multiple grading systems.

Discussion Forum

The outcome-based education software makes it possible for the students to form collaborative groups or teams to engage in discussions and knowledge sharing. Text or graphical objects uploaded to such groups can then be shared online with other students outside the collaborative group.

Outcome Based Education ERP System Software Benefits


  • An easy demonstration of a student’s knowledge and competencies.
  • Student’s learning experience improvement.
  • Real-world skill development to upgrade student competencies.
  • Involvement of student in the classroom.
  • Problem-solving skill development in students.


  • Support pedagogy innovation.
  • Assessment tools for easier and faster scoring.
  • Teaching performance improvement
  • The growth of professionalism.
  • Tracking of student’s progress in the real time.
  • Structuring of learning outcomes.

IT Admin

  • Tools and methods, alignment construction.
  • Automation of complex relationships.
  • Scheduling made flexible based on the learner.
  • Reporting tools for generation of reports.


  • Cost-effective, simple, and efficient system.
  • Student potential maximization.
  • Compliance improvement.
  • Help students for growth in career.

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