CloudEMS Sat, 18 Aug 2018 07:33:32 +0000 en-US hourly 1 How ERP Software is helpful to manage activities of an Educational Institution? Fri, 10 Aug 2018 06:38:54 +0000 Associating the maintenance of an educational institution with an ERP system has numerous benefits beyond taking care of mundane activities related to the organization or institution. Here is the brief account of the need for ERP systems in educational institutions.

“ERP software covers every entity of Institute like students, parents, teachers and management.”

An educational institution needs to hold loads of records and marks sheets for years and need to handle day to day transactions efficiently since a small mistake may lead to a huge disaster for a child’s career. On the other hand, taking care of the academic records in an educational institution manually is not a cake walk.

Hence, every educational institution needs management software to carry out day to day activities without human support. The automated management system for an educational academy or institution has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages weigh high when compared to the disadvantages. An ERP system stands for Enterprise Resource Planning System in business terminology. But when it comes to educational institutions, this system is helpful to handle day to day activities and take care of mundane tasks to reduce the load on teachers and staff.

Supports better teaching

Mainly, an ERP system supports teachers to reduce the hassle of writing day planners and timetables manually since the software automatically reminds the routine tasks and hence the teacher can concentrate on teaching the lessons and clarifying the difficulties of the students in a much creative and innovative manner.

Fairway for admissions

Some institutions adopted automated ERP systems to manage admission process. This is useful to prepare the merit list of students, academic performance of the students in different classes, their previous educational certificates and helps to provide admission in a fair manner when compared to manual management. Nowadays most of the governments are conducting online admissions for professional courses for prevention of corruption and malpractices and provide admission for reserved candidates.

Efficient maintenance of finances

Maintaining finance records and salary records get easier with ERP systems in the educational system since there will be different kinds of staff with a different number of skills and different experiences. The automated software keeps track of those records and provides accurate information about the salaries and incentives the person may get without any discrepancies since a machine will not make a mistake in general.

Economic, Efficient, and Quicker

An ERP system provides economic, efficient, and quicker solutions to manage an educational institution. If one can associate the biometric attendance sheet to ERP, the attendance will be recorded automatically and it reduces mistakes in attendance entries. The management and security of records will be quicker and this is an economic method since all the educational institutions cannot hire staff for managing a huge number of records. Searching and editing the records becomes easier with ERP system as well. The preservation of marks-sheets and pictorial representation of the progress of the students can be done easily using ERP systems when compared to manual work. Hence, ERP systems are the solution for most of the issues in maintaining an educational institution.

Conclusion: Concisely, an ERP system for an educational institution is not only for teachers and students, but its benefits can be experienced by each and every person associated with the institution. This system makes coordination between the management, staff, teachers, students, and parents easier and some institutions use the services of ERP to alert the parents about the progress of students and meeting dates with teachers automatically.

About Us: Cloud Next Vision cares this view by serving institutions shape, accomplish, and extend their digital campus. Its university erp software allows individuals, systems, and societies to network and offer education erp to further cooperate flawlessly across campus in a situation where competence, service delivery, and modified educational experiences drive desired outcomes.


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Top Reasons to Choose ERP Software for your Education Institutions Sat, 28 Jul 2018 05:42:41 +0000 As the name suggests, ERP is the procedure of managing daily duties at the campus, which enables the operational of the university. The campus management ERP is a software that assimilates each and every feature of the university and college, such as the admissions, assignments, payments, examinations and over infinite such aspects over the year.

“ERP gives Higher education system a quality and good quantity education.”

Below are the reasons to Choose ERP Software For Your Education Institutions

1. Student Enquiries Software

There are a whole lot of students who are on the lookout for new colleges or universities for admission. The potential students would try to get in touch with the college. This could either be for admission or for inquiry. The Student Enquiries software will keep track of all phone calls made to the admission office.

2. Entrance Test & Merit Lists

Admitting students into a college or a University involves meeting certain statutory requirements among which taking up an entrance and scoring well is a basic requirement. Through the Entrance test and merit list software, you will be able to track the scores and check the eligibility criteria in an instant. This will further help you to identify the students of merit for whom you could offer scholarships on behalf of your college.

3. Institute Accounting Software

Accounting is a laborious process. You need accounting for statutory purposes as well as to ensure that you are spending within the budget. A good college management software helps in organizing the records in perfect order and manage your expenses efficiently.

4. Students attendance System

The most important aspect of managing an educational institution is to ensure that the students are attending the classes properly and have the requisite attendance to be eligible to take up exams. There is no point in running an institution if the students do not attend classes. The high-quality College management software is endowed with a system that will help to track the attendance across various classes.

5. Staff Management Software

Managing Staff members includes aspects such as managing the salary of 100’s of staff members of an institution, ensuring that they attend classes regularly, and monitoring their attendance, keeping track of the staff leaving and joining the institution and their salary details and disbursal. Managing this complicated matter is made simple with College Management Software.

6. Timetable Generation Software

This is the most complicated and messy job in an institution, which actually gets complicated as the institution grows. Determining which teacher is to go to which class and at the same time ensuring that there is no clash of classes handled by the same teacher is time- consuming and tiring. But with College management software the job is easy and you can generate time tables for all classes without a problem.

7. Student Behavior/Discipline Tracking

You can track student behavior in groups and also have a record of the disciplinary actions against a student with the help of the college management software and frame rules that curb the irrational behavior of the students, whenever t is necessary.

8. Health Management

The college management software helps to keep track of the health conditions of the students, it helps to keep a record of the people who are sick on a day and helps you to quickly identify an illness that affects a large number of students and take immediate action.

9. Library Management Software

With library management software, you not only keep track of the books that are lent and returned but it also helps you to keep track of the requirements of books, and the types of books that are essential to make it a perfect library.

10. Transport management software

Transportation software are designed to help you efficiently and cost-effectively manage your day-to-day needs offers it is fully integrated functionality delivered as a cloud-based solution. It is adopted by many colleges as this software makes sure that students can get to where they wish to go. College management software will let this transportation to be correctly planned with just a click of a button.

Conclusion: colleges/universities are nowadays looking for a reliable ERP solutions that can get bring library management competences because handling a library is really complicated without the help of technology.

About Us: Cloud Next Vision automates the entire operations of the Institution. Its Comprehensive student and staff records management from the time of admission until the time of student/staff leaving the college. Get in touch and know what the company can do to your regular college administration activities.


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ERP Solutions are changing Performance of College Management System – Know How? Thu, 19 Jul 2018 05:54:04 +0000 ERP implementation is not the easy series of procedures every makes it out to be. More often than not, it includes problems that must be overcome for achievement. In order to bring forth a fruitful ERP implementation struggle, preparation and plotting should be working that address the ultimate and full integration of the system within the company. Four different hurdles are recognized: People, Management, Education, and Timing. With these variables measured in advance and during implementation, ERP is attained as a result of nonstop improvement approaches.


”ERP Product lets an institution to perceptively achieve the professional process through a lot of departments”

Managing a university or college is a massive challenge where hurdles are common in every day running of the institution. There was a time when the university management system had limited options and power at hand to actually exercise on various departments. Education is witnessing assistant in learning unprecedented growth as students more and more use desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones to access the virtual lecture rooms. The straightforward to use technology has done wonders in transitioning the college administration and rising the means college’s area unit managed.

The ERP software package has numerous benefits and that they serve everybody, concerned within the faculty management system, well. The college ERP provides a group of tools that area unit useful not solely to the directors and workers however to the fogeys and students too.

Some of the advantages of the ERP software package in college’s area unit as declared below.

  • Improved productivity

With the ERP software package, minimum effort of information redundancy is encountered whereas managing faculty records. Lecturers will with efficiency manage analytical info and therefore the category reports of various categories. This protects time, reduces work and will increase the productivity of the college. The directors will simply monitor performances of individual modules and take corrective measures to enhance identical. With this software package, you’ll be able to optimize your resources within the best means doable.

  • Better audit and accountability

Regulatory and audit authorities are always interested in the performance of the institution. As such, the ERP software will enable the management to make better presentations to concerned bodies. Real time reports can be generated on the need without having the entire accounts department people work on it.

  • Better education

The ERP software package at college assists within the organization of assorted aspects of the college as well as admissions, fees, and results. The system auto-generates timetables and their alternatives. These timetables area unit generated prior to so the lecturers don’t pay operating hours in them. The dependency of the processes on individuals is additionally eliminated as most of the functions area unit machine-controlled. Even tasks similar to attending and management of marks or grades area unit processed, creating them additional correct.

  • Regular updates

Keeping all the members of the college management is feasible through this method. The students have access to their attending, timetable, communicating schedules and grades so they will be higher ready. The institution gets regular updates concerning the college through the electronic communication system, gallery and discussion forums. With regular notifications concerning the fees, attending and progress reports, the fogeys pays higher attention to their child’s performance at college. They additionally get previous data of all the events and holidays within the faculty. Through e-mails and internal electronic communication the directors and therefore the lecturers also are well aware concerning the changes that the college puts into impact.

  • Connects many departments

ERP connect numerous departments Associate in campuses to every alternative with an integrated central platform. This makes managing colleges in several locations stress-freely. It additionally makes communication between the students, teachers, directors and staff straightforwardly. Students will access heaps of knowledge like books and articles through this software package. The institution will directly contact lecturers and directors to voice their queries or opinions.

Apart from the advantages declared on top of, a couple of alternative and points area unit the easy interface, higher security with profile dependent access to information, fast generation of reports and therefore the symbolic effort It skills needed to control this software package.

Conclusion: All the above-mentioned points and guidelines are vital to understand the importance of college admissions software. Remember such software will be accountable for looking after all the significant operations. With the number of students increasing year and year, it has become important for institutes to invest in a system that automates and streamlines the student admission system.

About us: Cloud Next Vision is the most recognized company specialized in providing Campus Management Software to universities and higher education standards. The company does provides many different higher education ERP products and training. Its University ERP software makes college management system more fruitful with a complete and cutting-edge features in the software. Since the company is a trusted name in the software domain it does offer more possibilities to clients where the software is available in online and off-line manners.


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Enrollment Management helps well-planned strategies for Higher Education – know how Tue, 10 Jul 2018 06:15:16 +0000 Enrollment management denotes to the capability of institutions of higher education to exert more methodical influence over the number and characteristics of new students, as well as effect the persistence of students to remain their enrollment from the time of their matriculation to their graduation. The appearance of enrollment management as a new managerial structure within institutions of higher education created in North America, but it has also been laboring in Asia.

ERP helps to get parents and students closer to existing and flourishing in a virtual world.

Enrollment management efforts have become closely linked to planning and campus financial accounting. Widely used for teaching, enrollment management helps in describing well-planned ways yet as techniques to make the enrollment of an establishment and meet the established objectives. Enrollment management may also be outline as associate degree structure construct alongside a scientific set of activities that square measure designed to alter instructional establishments to exercise larger influence over their student enrollments. In alternative words, it may also be aforesaid that enrollment management is associate degree institutional response to challenges and opportunities, that recruiting and retentive the correct student body gift to the money health, image, and student quality of a faculty. This extremely enforced research-based method works wonders in making a natural process among enlisting, evaluation, tutorial affairs, student life, and constituent relations.

In present time of teaching surroundings, it’s necessary to own an eminent enrollment management software package. A fruitful enrollment management software package results in growth and potency in continued education, men development, company coaching yet as certificate programs in an exceedingly innumerable range of colleges and universities. Once specifically designed for teaching, enrollment management software package helps in streamlining the enrollment inquiry method and optimizing admissions. Reasons behind the large quality and use of enrollment management software package within the past few years square measure several. Whether or not it’s through a customized Internet presence or configurable on-line application, enrollment management software package supports processes within the best means doable. The most effective factor regarding enrollment management software package for teaching is that it eliminates time-intensive, manual processes with strategic solutions. Due to an equivalent, accuracy and potency of review processes will increase. A perfect enrollment management software package integrates effortlessly with student info and enterprise systems to support enrollment targets with powerful method automation. Not solely will the proper enrollment management software package reduce the IT burden for teaching programs, however it conjointly helps students register for courses on-line, edit profile info, and think about group action history with none hassles.

In search of associate degree enrollment management software package for higher education make sure you utilize one that helps in streamlining the enrollment method in associate degree economical means. Additionally to an equivalent, make sure that you select a number one company that engages in providing enrollment management software package, that has helped promoting and admission groups enhance their productivity and reach their enlisting goals in an exceedingly vital manner.

Conclusion: For a lot of institutions of higher education, enrollment management has come to become a combination of student enrollment strategy, accounting strategy, and established positioning strategy. Having said that, don’t waste any more time. Begin your search for a renowned source of registration management software without giving it an instant thought.

About Us: At Cloud Next Vision you can promptly help your educational institute to administer, communicate, manage, organize, monitor, measure, report and analyses all of your daily academic operations. It will not only get good education but you will excel in your degree. It gives the accurate contact to perceptive and actionable data capably. The company uses Cloud technology for high end performance and unbreakable security. The company provides University ERP solutions to a wide spectrum of fields. It is the right solution for you to solve maximum difficulties for college management system like efficient utilization of resources, connectivity between departments, complete work-flow based automation, handling of revenue leakage and communication between college and students/Parents.


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College Management System – Todays Preferred ERP System for Educational Institution Fri, 29 Jun 2018 05:35:07 +0000 Enterprise Resource Planning, implementation has been revolutionizing institutional management, helping institutions to improve their operations, thus making them manageable and more transparent.

Today’s technology has changed everyone’s lives, towards improved and instruction is one such field where the use of computers has changed the way it is brought. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) that has shortened a lot of back office operations in education systems also proved to be operative in the educational institutions. ERP software is becoming the interstellar of each institution.

When done manually a lot of productive time goes into managing basic operations like inventory, finance, HR, by having a campus ERP in place the management can have ease of operation and can concentrate more on their core job that is teaching

There are a lot of educational erp software’s available in today’s market. These software helps in educating people with its amazing sides and features. Some of its benefits are:

  • Trainings that include integration of customized requirements
  • It is an Integrated Educational Resource Program
  • A single database management system
  • Provides Password facility for different users to ensure a high level of security.
  • It is completely user friendly college management software.
  • Has inbuilt database back up facility for safety and reliability.
  • Generates different types of reports
  • It gives a single database management system
  • Below are few of the fundamental changes that ERP based system will bring to large educational institutions.

1. Converting day to day Working: ERP system has brought huge transformation at every stages. The software has been made and with supreme accuracy, to safeguard that everything is incorporated with a platform that would involve and cover every sections and departments of a college. As such, the administration will be able to track the day-to-day functioning of every segment on a tested platform.

2. Secured Environment: ERP software assures that every data is safe and secured. As a whole every ERP based software system store the college database on a secure web server. There is web based access for the server that’s obtainable only to the official officials of the institution. Unnecessary to mention, problems that often come with operation of data and lack of accounting will be solved quicker than outdated system.

3. Fresh Technologies: ERP does not only manages association it even adds with new technologies like Biometric and GPS system, to bring new scopes for management. A lot of colleges across the sphere have joint biometric systems with ERP for having a string mechanism over the campus.

4. It Proofs and Recording: ERP software safeguards that nothing in the college or university goes without attended every activities and jobs of all departments will be recorded in detail on the software system, which will guarantee that the mechanism and quality check are never left uncompleted.

The education ERP software has many functionality as per their ERP software modules. Some of them are as below

  • Syllabus Management
  • Payroll Management(related to fees)
  • Library Management
  • Time-Table Management
  • Exam and Result Management
  • Staff and User Management

Conclusion: ERPs are designed for universities, institutions and business organizations. It helps in improving the functionality of these institutes and at the same time aided faculty member and students in many ways.

About Us: Education ERP software quickens the complete procedure of institutional administration to great extent. Established in the year 2010 in India and successful marketing across Africa, UAE, and India Cloud Next Vision benefits the entire education industry, assisting educational associations of all size and form and exhibiting improved arrangement in educational and administrative processes. The company works flexibly with universities, colleges, and groups of educational institutions, training organizations, and other educational institutions. Its University ERP Software system makes sure that it takes care of complete parts of an institution, that ranges from managerial tasks, educational processes, infrastructural work, and aids in monotonous resource concentrated procedures through unbroken computerization.


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Look out for the best ERP Software for College Administration Tue, 19 Jun 2018 05:37:58 +0000 The technical growth in the past century has been far dissimilar in what we imagine. Higher Education ERP system is mostly used as a determination to integrate and grow the capability of the college procedures. This modern ERP has been used in all the Higher Education management solutions extensively.

“ERP manages institutions easily without any trouble.”

College as well as university management structures have to be smooth and well designed to provide every segments and subdivisions. Education systems have experienced through notable changes in the past two decades, and with the development of IT sector, the systems of management have become much more clear and systematized. One of the most well-known systems propelled in current times is ERP software for college management. ERP system is a proven and tested arrangement that can be incorporated in every educational system with comfortable ease. But so many different types of ERP software in the market, colleges often have a tough time in selecting one.

Institutions are always busy with many activities like charges, exams, student’s data and documents and records of each students pass outs as well as students marks and their records. Though these learning centers are very important for the country, it is commanding as they also have to take care of their documents and records along with staff details at just one place. ERP for Educational Institutes plays a vital role and it has become a significant part of the institutes.

What to look in ERP?

Software solutions made for preparation and forming of educational systems requires to have the maximum degree of modification. The management must look for a company that provides software solutions with the utmost sustenance systems. The major worry lies in application of ERP as tasks of every department has to be incorporated on a sole platform. The software should even amalgamate the arrangements deprived of weakening the vital working systems of the association. The most, vital thing in ERP system application is challenging, which requires to be done expansively. College admin panel also requires to make sure that the assembled data stored on the chief system is uninjured and protected from intruding. The software must authorize the administration to have a controller over the complete system with data access through LAN and web browser. Additional thing that requires to be appropriately check is the selection for add-ons. Besides the maintenance of the transaction the system should let the management to bring a practical platform for the whole campus by totaling things mobile applications, GPS, smart cards, SMS gateway, biometric systems, bar coding and others.

How will the management benefit?

The primary, understandable benefit is regularity, correctness, and addition of data across every departments. Nevertheless, having ERP for educational institutions suggestions a lot of other additional reimbursements. The administration can streamline the procedure of bookkeeping and workforce and can provide a base for open student interaction. Unnecessary to state that, the admin costs are lessened with no paper mode of record. Likewise, colleges will have enhanced control over the administration and the system in regards to proceeds and efficiency. The channelization of funds, transactions, efforts and hard work will expressively underwrite towards the growth and growth of the institution.

What can the student achieve?

Having a computer-generated campus is enormously beneficial for students as they can learn and teach from a system that is considered with truthfulness and openness. Students can stay up-to-date with the university faculty and can take care of things that requires consciousness like fees, admissions and relevant notices.

The cost feature may be vital

ERP software systems are costly investments, but once applied, college management can gain huge advantages repeatedly in the future. While making a big investment, the administration must look for clear support from the software company. It is money-making and sensible to capitalize in an ERP system that gives result oriented performance in daily activities.

Conclusion: A lot of universities were concerned about the introduction of ERP software in the past. However, ERP software systems accessible in the market are created to match all types of learning institution and their wide-ranging requirements

About Us: Cloud Next Vision is a software company that gives many security software’s based just by biometric authentication. It mainly maintains security software like Campus ERP system, fees, time attendance Software and lots more. The company can assist your educational institute to administer, connect, achieve, establish, monitor, measure, report and analyses overall for your day to day academic operations. It is particularly intended and build to your benefit. The company will recommend you the best system to do the similar task in an amazing way. A combined solution for complete computerization for college and institutions build on the most avant-garde and tremendously sophisticated Microsoft Technology. The software is customized after understanding your requirements only.


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ERP Education Software the best need for your Entire University Management Wed, 30 May 2018 05:58:17 +0000 The presentation of numerous types of ERP software has transformed a lot of features of organization of informative institutions. The software is out-and-out secure and safe for every educational institution. It is tremendously unconventional with options for individual changes. As the educational institutions take the new way of growth, procedure of administration requires the control and assistances of such ERP solutions.

“The ERP software is a broadminded software technologies that introduced to streamline and make the process easier.”

With rising prominence of the education industry, there has been an increasing demand for a comprehensive administration system that safeguards all-in-one incorporation between the education institute, apprentices, and their respective parents. With the growing number of students registering with diverse educational institutions each year, it has become significant to manage and check, and mix the students with the learning system. At present, with the innovative technology systems, colleges and universities will keep a track of the students on the computer and at same time it will have a record of the parents as well.

For management, administration, and learning related activities Campus management is versatile software that is used by numerous educational institutions all over the place. As well as it is keeping a good record of the students as well as parents, this innovative software is also prospective of handling the teachers, employees, learning courses, and all other procedures and courses that are connected to running an institution successfully. This software can be used in colleges, universities, online, training centers, seminary, group of institutes, and e-governance.

Key Features:

With the education system becoming progressively thought-provoking now a days, institutions are looking for an operative management system that gets the whole campus onto their fingertips. With such an attempt, ERP management software is industrialized, guaranteeing all-in-one incorporation between the educational institute and other workings related to the system.

The important features of college management system are:

  • It is web-based, inclusive and enables seamless integration
  • It can be held online or in-house
  • The system can be effortlessly customized, and is communicating and comprehensible in nature
  • Saves money as well as time
  • Recovers the effectiveness and act of the resources

Let’s check few of the extremely designed ERP software advantages:

  1. Control over Procedures:
    University ERP can aid you have additional control of your management. It very well rationalizes the development method. You can choose the ERP solution that might best suit your institution. It also benefits in humanizing staffs so they know how to work with the new system.
  2. Increases the Productivity of the Institute:
    With the use of University Management System the efficiency of a university will increase to a greater extent as lesser time will keep the institute focused on the output of the institution.
  3. Better Control of Administration:
    There will be an enormous control in management system over numerous departments. It will be easy for a top level management of an academy to point out the errors inside the department and take significant steps for actions and modification.
  4. Transparency with Parents Upsurges:
    The cloud based software, leads to the communication with the parents as well. Parents can check on their wards in a timely manner they can also keep a track of their improvements in the educational fields. This leads to the limpidity between the parents and the wards.

Conclusion: Overall, the best ERP is a good way to manage educational institutions as well as curriculum activities of the college or university. Investing in ERP is a good strategy as this software system is nothing like what we have noticed in the past. It has numerous advantages as it integrates the complete association into a single platform, and thereby, getting the most out of the use of human and additional resources of the management.

About Us: Cloud Next Vision is a software company that offers customized based prevailing and highly complete and user friendly education management software for you different security software’s. A web-based state-of-the-art ERP product, it covers every features of operations and administration of educational institutions. Its higher education ERP helps to keep a track of all the campuses without the requirement for an additional software. Being the top provider of University ERP system the company helps in improving operational effectiveness and bringing down administrative costs. It does manufactures, develop and maintain security software effectively.


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The Future of ERP Education System – iCloudEMS Sat, 19 May 2018 05:25:50 +0000 ERP systems are important to the long-term future of higher education institutions. Enterprise Resource Planning is a foremost implementation in any administration that can get good changes to the institution as from the 21st century the rate of change within the world of higher education has been quickly rushing. It has become a major refresh and also it has developed as a foundation for delivering student-centered services is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

”ERP gives institution knowledge to achieve the professional process through a lot of departments”

In the current age and in the contemporary world, it has become authoritative to include unconventional technology in order to function your daily work. Simultaneously, in the stream of academics, you will have to invest in large software systems, so that you can run and operate the routine tasks in an easy way. In fact, colleges and universities whether small or large institutions that give greater studies are not just controlled inside the communicating of education but they are also numerous departments and sub-divisions which are needed to take proper care on a day-to-day basis. These sections differ from handling fees, registering students, tracking the inventory to handling payrolls, structuring good communication between students, teachers, and parents which are a few significant provinces that cannot be brushed upon.

An ERP software system is nothing like what we have observed in the earlier times. Now, this software does assimilate the complete administration in the particular platform, and in that way, it makes the most of the use of human and other assets and properties of the organization. There are a lot of functions of Education ERP that universities and colleges that can be hectic. The best part is most software companies have spent years to launch such ERP software, and consequently, on selecting the best software, you must know that modification must not be a concern. A lot of software systems that are intended for great educational institutions take the varied requirements of such organizations into account. No matter how complex an institution arrangements might be, there are always options to arrange and modify the software as per the requirements.

Alternatively, it is even hard to challenge main academic functions physically, as it takes a lot of effort and it is time-consuming when it comes to installing the software, it is good to have a look at the outstanding features of the software and most important know what the software can give you, how can it help you and contribute to the overall management but this Educational ERP system which provides the capacity for personalized reporting and inter-departmental communication is an important asset. It does retort more speedily to changes in trends and necessities as they advance.

A complete and contemporary ERP system also offers an institution with implements for more personalized advising and more operative assessment, so that staff can help more students be successful. For instance, the staff can communicate information on discrete performances, and send signals about those who may be lacking behind. Apprentices, in turn, can have modified and can get in touch straight away with their instructors easily they can also get a spontaneous answer, information, and services for their questions that can aid them to enhance their coursework.

Conclusion: The continuing shift to cloud computing will endure and accelerate the new ERP management system is undoubtedly one of the finest system changes that have occurred and designed to the world of education. A lot of famous small, medium or large colleges and universities have begun using such forward-thinking systems, and the results and outcomes have been more than irresistible in many cases.

About us: Cloud Next Vision offers next group equipment tools to map the skills, knowledge, and qualities of students for the fruitful closing of programs/courses to progress learning outcomes. The company provides premeditated and operational management to small and large higher education institutions.


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Education ERP Software Management Automation System Mon, 07 May 2018 11:49:42 +0000 A lot of experts believe that making use of ERP education software is the best choice for the present education sector mainly because it is less expensive, user-friendly and productive. However, it’s just not the cost but it is also helpful because of its performance and quality. The software offers an enormous collection of features such as finance, staff management, payroll, invoicing, agendas and lots more.

“The main challenge in ERP execution is the indicating the suitable training for the end-user and education.”

The essential of the hour for a comprehensive Education Automation System is a healthy internet or intranet based network application which aids Students, Teachers, Parents and university organizational Staff to use their college data in a procedure that retrieving applicable reports and treating daily processes are made simple. It leases the users to network with simple operation & info of their university flawlessly. It is intended for best communication between students, teachers, parents as well as the administration. This Education Management ERP Software does elegantly grip every need for simple college management. The Educational Management Software being cloud-based can be retrieved from wherever and anytime in the world, which allows the students, teachers, parents & the administration be in touch with each other at every time.  Exams and Tests, Report Cards, Discipline, View/Take Attendance, Manage, Teach, Web Form filling, SMS, Chat/Video Conference, much of the SMS, Students, Parents and even E-Library Administration, Bulk Email in a mutual communicating platform. It handles students, every object of a university onto conversation debate, college work Assignment.

Some of the premeditated advantages are:

  1. The software is influential educational ERP software that can offer many considered benefits to your colleges. There is also a less expense of ownership.
  2. Completeworking automation. It gives much time to emphasis on strategic responsibilities.
  3. It’s a onetime system configuration
  4. It is easily available and obtainability at any place all you need is Internet or Intranet with instinctive synchronization.
  5. Users such as students, parents, teachers as well as college supervisor have distinct logins.
  6. It can take care of many teachers, numerous subjects, numerous classes, and a limitless number of students, everything from a particular login for your university.
  7. One can securely login. You can retrieve the data via a protected login, anytime, anyplace where there is a connection to the internet. There is also unlimited users
  8. Users can adjust and alter their passwords and through this extremely supple Educational Management Software, one can increase or remove users as they want.
  9. BetterSecurity over Access Control a lot of various users can see and make use of many other particular menus.
  10. There is a simple base code as there is a regular update and upgrading happening in the system each time a new functionality can be added and thus many users can get the advantage from this instantaneously.
  11. Superior Support from a dedicated team of Developers and Support Staff: An active team of developers and support staff is available during business hours for any support or help. You can call us on a phone, Skype or Chat.
  12. Through this software system, students will get a chance to keep an eye on the various information and notices. The admin can respond all information and messages without a miss.

Conclusion: There will be excellence and enhancement in the education, by introducing ERP software in the institutions. It is certainly very understandable and aids the administrators as well as students to finish their day-to-day tasks without any difficulties.

About Us: Cloud Next Vision offers next group equipment tools to map the services, information and qualities of students for the productive closing of programs/courses to develop knowledge outcomes. The company is a leading Education ERP software company that runs the progressions which are based on the highest education practices. It offers one of the highest answers for confirming and recognizing personal details. It supports in improving operational effectiveness and bringing down administrative costs.


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Significance of Education Management System in Higher Education Systems Thu, 19 Apr 2018 07:30:27 +0000 Education management system has let the Higher education institutions to form and envisage every up-to-the-minute about a student. Right from their grades, financial transactions, and recruitments. It has assisted in both internal management as well as external management.

“Implementation of education management system has a noteworthy influence on changes in practice and staffing.”

Education management system is not at altogether something new in higher education. A lot of universities have by now accepted and are using its app mainly for handling they are internal as well as external administration systems.

Higher education institutions at present are undergoing important changes in the technique they function and interrelate with the students, their parents, alumni, employers and staff members. Higher education patrons are challenging maximum attention and prompt service and so active universities are turning to technology that is customer relationship management systems to provide to this demand in an operative method. Education management systems usually help three key spectators that are potential students, current students, and alumni/donors.

For your better understanding, we have compiled a list of some of the advantages of education management system for Higher Education Institutions that authorizes to be always ahead of challengers.

  1. Handling Admissions process

Handling the entire student admissions development from one platform: the course as well as program the student is self-proclaimed, whole details of student’s batch their roll no, academic documents and every other responsibility that are obligatory in finishing the admission procedure. Rationalize your admissions operations by recognizing and employing the finest candidates, appealing them more positively and enhancing their registration results.

  1. Track Prospective Leads

Students today rely on digital channels to collect information about their universities, which they always dreamt. ERP here comes with combined a tracking tool that allows you track leads through numerous engagement programs such as design, email, and invitations to both online and physical events and assess their viability. It allows associations to record which website has a definite student used to discover their best university.

  1. Handle Student Examinations and reviews

Brings great quality services by creating follow-ups for each query. Keep a track of all interaction with the student at the time of the advising procedure. Uphold the follow-up and improve the communication procedure between your institution and the student.

  1. Rationalize Teacher Evaluations

Remove paper procedure, and aids toupsurgesteadiness and effectiveness for the teacher certification development and many career-related courses. Modernizeresponsibilities so that you can dedicatepossessions to locating and retaining the top and optimistic teachers.

  1. Monitor Fee Payments

Each education institute requires an effective fee controlling tool to run their money operations effortlessly. It does mechanize the fee payment procedure to removeinconsistencies and human being mistakes for stress free operation.

  1. It builds a strong Alumni Relation

Alumni can help students define their career goals and provide key interacting contacts to assist the transition from graduation to employment. They can also aid in raising funds. With education management system you can gain valuable understandings about your contributors that will support you to target campaigns successfully and build long-lasting relationships.

  1. MIS Reports

It creates actual time reports linkedwith students, teachers and staff and evaluate the performance of your management.

Conclusion: Presenting an ERP system inside a higher education situation can make sure the institution is more proficient in responding to the requirements of the students. It can also generate a modest benefit by growing the university’s capability to preserve existing students and attract new ones. ERP is a remarkably influential tool which if correctly leveraged can offer important perceptions about your customers, letting you progress stronger and also individual relations not just with forthcoming and present students but also the alumni.

About Us: Cloud Next Vision Higher Education ERP is Cloud-based Education ERP system for seamless centralized resource management of universities. It offers a multiple benefit resolution to all the problems. It isprecisely designed with keeping universities in mind allowing all inbound and outbound student interactions that can be tracked and checked against submissions, enrolments and declined applications.


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Cloud Computing – the Best move for Higher Education Tue, 10 Apr 2018 09:05:25 +0000 Cloud computing is moving information and curriculums from local servers to the Internet, offering users with the capability to access and share info at any time, from numerous devices. It also means obtaining skill services, like infrastructure, applications, and platforms, through the Internet. Thus, by applying cloud computing revolution, we can conquest all the short comes in the education sector and keep up an incorporated outline where each one of the powers can go through the education framework from every single angle and continue with display and lead the structure.

“Education ERP system is an integrator of wide-ranging technology-based products and services for the culture organization.”

The cloud assurances that students, instructors, personnel, guardians, and staff have access to basic data applying any gadget from anyplace. This can further help in conveying better administrations, even as they work with fewer assets.

Why store in the cloud?

  • 80% of the institutions have abridged the expense of the applications by moving to the cloud.
  • 40% of the institutes have filled data to the cloud.
  • More than 50% of the higher education institutes have chosen for cloud or thinking for cloud computing solutions.
  1. Reduced Costs:

Cloud-based administrations can help institutes fallin expense and hasten the utilization of new innovations to meet developing educational requirements.

  1. Simple Access:

Example arranges labs, grades, notes, and PowerPoint slides as much everythingelectronic that you use in training is successfully transferred

  1. Security:

Your information, content, data, pictures that is stored in the cloud usuallyneeds verification (ID and secret word and hence it is completely secured.

  1. Shareability:

With cloud computing, one can reach more and more diverse, students. It even definitely lessens the carbon impression.

Check out what benefits an ERP can offer:

  • Better-quality existing processes
  • Real life experience to better learning.
  • E-mail & Internal messaging system.
  • Single Point College / college Management Software.
  • Get associated to parents and alumni in an operative manner
  • Save man hours and simple to use

Cloud’s Value: Competence, Volume, Expense, Control

While cloud strategies are not a solution, they do offer significant solutions, predominantly when brought by a vendor that knows higher education. A cloud service model offers benefits in four key strategic areas: Competence, Volume, Cost, and Control

  1. In an atmosphere where new technologies are leading early every day, and where the speed of acceptance is vital to modest advantage, competence is key. There are 50 different cloud services running on campus, supporting the whole thing from infrastructure to software applications to common tools. The most persuasive aspect of cloud services is that they allow us to move quickly into new areas and then scale quickly.
  2. In a domain that maintains higher education graduate more students more speedily, it must be able to service new populations and changing requirements more successfully. Cloud services give interesting new methods to do just that.
  3. Everything depends on what kind of services you accept, the service-level contracts you discuss, and the incomes you do or don’t transfer as a result. It is clear, though, that cloud service bids better mobility and expectedness when it comes to expenses.
  4. Control: A cloud salesperson usually has more safe facilities and more severe procedures. Vendors can more quickly implement the safety updates required to meet severe compliance protocols.

Higher education institutions have a unique culture and mission that affects how decisions about cloud computing are made.

  • Participatory decision-making model
  • Complex finance models.
  • Commitment to students

Conclusion: It’s true that higher education is generally risk-averse, which makes sense in an environment where data security and mandated compliance are top priorities.In these and diverse methods, cloud computing is decreasing costs, as well as making a situation where every students can have entrance to an amazing teaching and assets.

About Us: Cloud Next Vision offers the software solution that helps the university management keep track of its students but also helps the students monitor their own progress its Education ERP is a User Friendly University Management Software System that offers a fresh educational culture to all the universities across India and many other countries. Its all-inclusive college management and administration software package, add excellence of academic institutions by allowing well-organized checking of the daily progress and performance.


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Manage better with Smart Education Management ERP Thu, 05 Apr 2018 07:56:37 +0000 In the modest and varying scenario of higher education, it is very problematic to manage all the procedures within the association. Many institutions experience struggle in handling student detail, new admission, result, project, exam schedule and a lot more various processes instantaneously. It can be eliminated with modified ERP education software.

“Education has become a pleasure and has become indispensable to every human”

Modern ERP software comes with functionality that empowers teachers to allocate class assignments online and get them back as well after completion. 2018 is a new year for the world of education not just in the literal sense of the term but from the point of view of trends that are going to be a bulging part of the education sector. There are a lot of ERP software development companies in India that provide astonishing ERP solutions globally.

Some of the advantages of this education ERP are as below:

  1. Quicken Student Success: The Education ERP recollects and drives students towards their educations as it delivers fast and good information to the students if it is related to batch start, exam, assignment, library and lots more.
  2. Total Convenience: The students, faculty, and parents can check each and every detail even any mobile device to get the important material connected to attendance, fees and lots others.
  3. Limitless Users: Many of the customers ID can be generated. The users have been considered in dissimilar modules as such only allocated modules can be retrieved by the user.
  4. Computer-generated Campus picturing: The software has inherent learning system. The students, faculty as well as the parents have every information and activity going through inside the institution. It improves the interaction among students, faculty and parents.


Knowing the expense of education

It is not necessary that this new trend in education in 2018 would be a best one. Just like each other thing in life, teaching is going to be an expensive thing as well. This is where a good online university system can play such a foremost role. One also requires taking into account the huge amount of competition between students. These days, parents are somewhat specific about one thing – they want their children to do well in academics. The beauty of education management systems is that they are importantly able to lessen the financial burden placed on your institute. They can lessen a huge range of costs such as monotonous costs, labor costs, and administrative costs to name a few. This means that your university is able to run with similar or better efficiency and decrease the stress being faced by the overall management as well as parents.

Some of the education ERP Module includes

    • Student Management
    • Batches and Course management
    • Events and activities
    • Timetable Management
    • Examination
    • Placement and Alumni
    • LibraryManagement
    • AdmissionManagement
    • InquiryManagement
    • CommunicationManagement
    • Student and Faculty
    • Employee Attendance Management
    • Payroll Processing Management
    • Fees Management
    • Finance Management
    • Payroll Processing Management
    • Student Sign in Panel
    • Parent Sign in Panel
    • Faculty Sign in Panel

Conclusion: Although there are a lot of university management solutions obtainable in the market, some of the Campus are totally web driven and constructed with exclusive requirements of current educational associations in mind.The system is ahead of the arch, offering full automation of all the functions of administration and achieves the goal of paperless administration.

About us: Cloud Next Vision gives a Simple, Powerful & Affordable university Management System. It is intended to engage teachers and parents. The company offers all the things that you will ever need run an education institution as there is no customization required. It does offer new gears for educators to systematize and optimize academic decisions across associated assets by incorporating insights and brainpower. It also offers Educational Management ERP to accomplish educational activities in a well-organized manner. This agile software makes it simple to achieve intelligible workflow and managerial management in the appropriate manner that serves the needs of educational institutions.


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