Frequently Asked Questions

What is ERP ?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is an enterprise-wide information system designed to coordinate all the resources, information, and activities needed to complete business processes. An ERP solution is characterized by supporting a variety of business functions such as manufacturing, financials, projects, human resources and customer relationship management from a shared data store it is, in a sense, a convergence of people, hardware and software into an efficient production, service and delivery system that creates profit for the company.

What are the benefits of using an ERP?

1) Enhanced Technology
2) Efficiency
3) Integrated Information
4) Reporting
5) User friendly
6) Access to Data
7) Customer Service
8) Functionality
9) Communications
10) Security

What is difference between Licensed Software Vs Software as a Service?

Licensed Software
1) Upfront Capital Expense
2) High Upfront cost and annual maintenance costs.
3) Cost for applications, maintenance, infrastructure and IT application resources.
4) Longer time required to install and configure applications.
5) Not much control over vendor after purchase.
6) Greater risks for users.

1) Pay as you go – Operational expense
2) Lower upfront subscription costs depending on number of users per month
3) Cost for annual subscription and minimal IT/application resources.
4) Faster implementation time and increased productivity.
5) More control over relationship with vendor.
6) Better risk sharing with vendor.

How can I contact you ?

Please provide your details on the contact us form.

How does Cloud Ems surpass its competitors ?

Technologically we are ahead of our competitors and we are providing greater flexibility in terms of modules selection and usage. Being highly scalable, we can integrate new modules and with any existing legacy systems in the institution. It is very cost effective and eases the functioning of the Institute as an organization.

What if I face difficulty in using Cloud Ems after implementation?

We have a round the clock Support Centre available on Email, Phone or Chat can assist you using our Remote Support System, where our Support Executive will be able to access your server or your desktop remotely and offer your real-time support. Post-implementation, you will also be provided with a detailed user-guide.
Is it possible to communicate via Mobile?
There is an SMS Notification Sub module, whereby the parents, students and teachers can be notified about the examinations, results, and important notices. Also in our school management system we have the facility of students marks obtained and attendance being known to the parents. Cloud EMS is mobile enabled for users can access ERP through GPRS or WAP enabled Mobile Phones / Blackberry devices.

What if I have various campus’s of Institute will I need to install the ERP in all my campuses?

Cloud EMS is a web based application so once it is installed in the server of an institute; all other colleges linked to it can also use that ERP. Thus our ERP helps in integrating different branches of an institute.

What is cloud computing server?

Cloud computing servers uses shared hardware where the performance of the software hosted will always remain steady. Even if the number of usage of the software certainly increases the software speed and performance will remain same because the server will automatically assign the required hardware’s (processing cycle, RAM, bandwidth and space) to maintain the same speed and performance.

What is SaaS?

SaaS is a software application that has no upfront license fees associated with the use of the software (a subscription fee is generally billed monthly with a one- to two-year contract). It doesn’t require any IT infrastructure at the client site other than desktop devices and Internet access.

What are the benefits of choosing Cloud EMS on the SaaS model?

The high cost of initial startup is greatly reduced with SaaS.
• SaaS model allows one to move at the speed of business, unencumbered by the hardware, software, network and staffing constraints.
• Companies expand and decrease in size over time. Both contraction and expansion is easily handled in SaaS model.
• SaaS creates advantages for the solution provider who develops, distributes and maintains the software solution.
• Customer gets the benefit of painless upgrades, rather than planned downtime wrestling with new software.

What is the technology used in your ERP?

The technology that we use is as follows:
• Development: PHP
• Design: HTML, JavaScript
• Database: Microsoft My SQL
• Health tips to parent
• Comprehensive report

What if I require only few modules instead of the entire package?

There is a flexibility whereby one can procure the license for few packages of Cloud EMS which would be comprised of selected modules. Further on modules can be added based on your requirement.

What is the difference between a web based ERP and the Client server based ERP?

The web based ERP allows to access the application from anywhere anytime using the browser like Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox and it functions in the same way as your email service. It is not required for you to setup anything on your laptop or computer.
• Comparatively, with the Client Server architecture Network maintenance and server cost is very high. All the client machines need to be installed with the application and has to access data from the server which has to be placed in your institution. It can’t be accessed universally.

What are the salient features of CloudEMS ?

Cloud Ems is windows based campus management software. Provides Password facility for different users to ensure high level of security.
• Has inbuilt database back up facility for safety and reliability.
• It is an Integrated Educational Resource Programme
• Single database management system
• It is multi user, multi session and multi board syllabus package
• Inter academic performance analysis of the students/staff.

What are the security measures in the software ?

• Any data related to password is encrypted in the database.
• The database is password protected. Any kind of access to database is restricted.
• We used to maintain users session so that we can get information of the users accessing the system.
• The session of any user gets expired if he/she will leave the content management system un-used for more than 1 min.
• The Fee related configuration has extra security where admin or administrative officer needs to pass a 2nd lever of security before accessing the module.
• The backup module used to take regular database backup.
• Past employee or student will not have access to their CMS.
• None of the past employee or student record can be altered.

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