Higher Education Management System Software

Higher Education ERP System Software

We would like to introduce CloudEMS ERP as an educational solution on cutting edge technology of the modern era. iCloudEMS is not only software to but also a higher education erp planning tool that will suggest you the best way to do the same task in a better way. An integrated solution for complete computerization for college and institutions build on the most futuristic and highly sophisticated Microsoft Know-how. iCloudEMS is a cloud-based higher education ERP software system hat offers a collection of web-based tools and features to help students, teachers, parents and managed to upsurge student retention, success, and allow making appropriate decisions.


Established in the year 2010 iCloudEMS Systems are one of the leading educational software & solution providers in India. It is the cloud-based higher education management software system offering a quality campus erp, college erp solution for India, UAE, and Africa. iCloudEMS Campus has been implemented by a team of expert and passionate people who has developed load of unique features that will benefit multi-branch universities and graded colleges.The higher education erp has been developed with extensive research for well over a decade in education era. It follows procedures based on education best practices. With the functionality of web based ERP software solution, it aims to streamline and manage student information in a very effective way.

1. Student Recruitment

Our higher education erp system powers and controls the up-to-date technology techniques to attract potential students via rationalized recruitment and registration procedures for existing and upcoming needs.

2. Student Retention

Our online ERP software solution enables higher education institutions to identify risk and reach out to students before they leave your institution and improve accountability, retention and graduation rates across the institution.

3. Student Performance

It tracks students who are involved in every participation, such as students grades and monitoring his performance from student surveys and assessments based on various metrics using with online assessment software for higher education.

4. Student Financing

The companies higher education erp system enables institutions to manage student financial aid to streamline processing, maintain compliance, reduce costs and improve student services.

5. Integrated software for Higher Education

Our software for higher education allows you to integrate the student information system with other systems to streamline processes that increase efficiencies, improve student service and maximize retention and success. Accomplishes student lifespan data from the original inquiry till the end process of enrollment and graduation.

Higher Education ERP System Software Modules

  1. Student Tracking: It tracks the entire activities of student life-cycle
  2. Recruitment: Strong recruitment software for marketing, recruitment and branding
  3. Admission: Tracks every detail of student from admission to enrollment
  4. Enrollment: Look out for best courses and simply class register yourself
  5. Faculty Management: Manage faculty profile, recruitment, agenda, workload and lots more.
  6. Schedules Timetable: Manage class schedules for dissimilar periods without battles.
  7. Planning of Lessons: It plans students’ lessons effectively
  8. Assignment Manager: Examine student performance & take informed decisions.
  9. Faculty Evaluation: Complete faculty evaluation arrangement for tracking students’ performance
  10. Attendance: Classroom attendance through mobile device
  11. College Management: software for admission, courses, etc. in one software
  12. Mobile APP: Mobile APP for a successful management of colleges


iCloudEMS–A dynamic, robust and all-inclusive Software Solution for higher education management software solution.

Higher Education ERP System Software Benefits


Transform the way you manage your prospects with spontaneous, game-changing higher education erp software. It helps in communicating and collaborating with students, staff, parents and community in an efficient way. It is complete attendance automated software as it marks,attendance, view leave requests or absences of students with the help of your education mobile app.


At CloudEMSnew students get a platform not only to gain knowledge, but also to express the information base inside them. Its higher education erp software helps in seamlessly managing student data, from recruitment and to registration and graduation, to maximize retention and success. It enhances and improves effective communications with teachers, administration and parents. You can smoothly access student’s attendance, schedules, grades, library catalogs, and events.


Our higher education management system can expand quality as well as efficiency in higher education, and quicken decision-making. Every administration aspect of the institution like the admission process, message broadcasting, notice boards, are taken into account, which not only saves resources but also provides efficiency in working.


An essential element of the alumni management solution is the ability to create online alumni event registration pages. With the help of the iCloudEMS, the college management has a systematic and easy approach towards maintaining and updating the files of alumni. It allows you to make an alumni directory and connect with classmates and it also creates online alumni event registration pages to build strong relationships. Thus,students get the chance to visit and talk to the professionals who were previously students in their shoes.

Some of The other Benefits Include

  1. Ready to customize
  2. Advance user management
  3. User-friendly
  4. Addictive Features
  5. Your complete data and server
  6. Amazing 24/7 Support
  7. Student, Faculty Login Module


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