University ERP – Campus Management ERP System Software

University ERP / Campus ERP Managing Educational Institutions

On a daily basis, institutes of higher education in India, UAE, and Africa is encountering challenges like administrative, information sharing and performance related as that of the rest of the world. Campus ERP is a cloud-based solution created to handle them all. Its abilities, not only free administrative staff for other important assignments, but also streamline tedious processes costing time and money.


The University ERP / Campus ERP system Software is designed to minimize the staff’s workload and boost productivity, empowers faculties to handle various tasks like student assignments, research work, finances, etc.


This unique University ERP / Campus ERP offers a single platform to stay connected to every facet of the work of an institute. Within a few clicks, one can get real-time data and insights about the area searched for.


Student friendliness aspect of the University ERP / Campus ERP System Software enables students to complete time-consuming and tiring chores at ease online. Simplification of finance, library, registration, and academics-related tasks were never so easy before.


One can stay assured of deploying university ERP to improve work management and efficiency in the institutes of higher education.

Academic Performance

Sharing of lecture details, exam timetable, results, insights on performance, and work assignments using ERP is all the secured and there is no limit in accomplishing lot more things of priority using this software in an institute.

Student Registration

University ERP / campus management system software truly simplifies the entire process of registration for students, including document submission and reduces paperwork, saves time and lessens the staff burden.

Best University ERP – Makes your Library Work Process Simpler

Book search

Manually searching and usage of a library catalog, hard copy is things taking a back seat with the implementation of this higher education ERP system. Automation of book search using keywords like book category, ISBN number, etc.; placing of a booking request; and notification receipt are aspects of library management using this ERP to mention a few. Campus ERP solutions are the operational backbone of a growing or established organization. This capable software gathers comfort for both students and staff.

Approval of requested books

Notifications to the library team against every book request and posted a response from them depending on book availability made instantaneous with the help of this erp system in institutes of higher education, which in turn boosts study and research of the student’s. The campus erp system assures a better security, appropriate maintenance and simple availability of the data that the institution has to share with for any reasons.Due to the advancements of university erp software, the automation of various other library management tasks can beautifully be streamlined.

Library insights

Every university has certain departments; the university erp system provides a base for recording of transactions and data for quick and instant reports. Other aspects of library management record of issuing books, authors, publishers, overdue fine calculation, and management of journals taken care of by the software flawlessly.

Advanced University ERP Features for Total Control of the Administrative Tasks

Advanced Features for University ERP Software System, Campus Management ERP System SoftwareManagement of Finance

In recent times, managing finances of an institute are nothing but a headache without an automated solution for it to analyze data. Campus erp software secures all the vital information of the students such as birth date, attendances, monthly progress report, etc. This surely does the life of the teachers, professors easy; who then have to spend hours and hours in updating this information. On the other hand University erp software / campus management software without a doubt and error accomplishes all aspects of finance-related issues.

Accommodation of Hostels

Details associated with accommodation and the allotment of hostels reflect at one place with the help of this University ERP system and makes it possible to take informed decisions at the right point of time. To keep an eye on room allotment status, bank deposit data, and changes in hostel details, etc. Are some of the features of the software that no one can deny to access.

Management of Result

Preparation and publishing results have always been a tiresome involvement for lecturers. With the advent of campus erp the management of important data and records work very easily and smoothly in management institutes. The cloud-based university erp software lessens all aforementioned burdens and makes it possible for faculties to share student results without delay.

Advanced Features for University ERP Software System, Campus Management ERP System SoftwareManagement of Examinations

Many software companies have come up with university erp solutions that are designed to integrate all parts of a learning institution into one large and manageable platform. The campus management system helps in planning every exam details using state of the art exam management features integrated into it. Addition, deletion or any other change in current exam list is no more headaches for an institute of higher education with the use of university ERP.

User Management

User access is made highly secure within this university erp system, and the aspects like who sees what is only possible with a user and group permissions. The addition of new users is also easier than one can think of, including the decision on the role of the newly joined member.

Fund Management

For each college and institute of higher education, the fund is always critical to manage and so are the fund-related data. Focusing on this aspect, this university erp system has added the feature to manage funding-related issues.

Allocation and Submission Online Assignment

The campus management softwareAllocation and Submission Online Assignment for campus management system software

  • The university erp system / campus management software
  • Makes it possible for lecturers to create and allocate assignments online.
  • The setting of submission date for a particular assignment.
  • Assignment of work to students as per to course and subject.
  • Students can work on the assignments online.
  • Students can submit the assignment online after completion.
  • Promises allocation and accountability.
  • University erp solutions offer integration of many regular running modules

Additional Features & Benefits for University ERP / Campus ERP


The university erp system / campus erp system software simplifies the college election processes with its state-of-the-art voting system. Without a disturbing schedule of classes, it allows to conduct and announce results online.


Being in touch online with alumni through the university erp software / campus management system is a mind-blowing feature and it empowers notifications, updates, and forwards requests to other college students.

Live chat

The communication between lecturers and students makes instant through the live chat functionality integrated into this ERP.


Updates about college events powered by easy to manage CMS, the ERP made it easy to post announcements and make changes without prior technical knowledge.

University ERP / Campus ERP – Redefining the product of Cloud Next Vision (CNV Labs & Technologies Pvt Ltd)

Cloud Next Vision (CNV Labs & Technologies Pvt Ltd) has its team of web analysts, designers, and experienced coders to keep an expert eye on market needs of the ERP market in India, UAE, and Africa, and develops products to meet the need. In the recent years, Cloud Next Vision has delivered a wide range of products to establish itself in the market with a trusted reputation.

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