Content Share and Communication

Cloud based University ERP module for Content Share and Communication

Content Share and Communication module includes a full featured administration interface for selecting which content categories and fields to publish. Built on top of the Facilities module, the module offers all that is required to publish without having to do any programming, even as site structure and content changes over time. It helps in managing all the data related to Pre Admission will get quicker and a lot of time, money and efforts will be saved.


Advantages of Content Share and Communication are

  • Helps to manage & track detailed information of the students like communication history
  • Maintaining a complete record of pre admission inquiries, along with the details of all the students.
  • It will help in optimizing the resources and decision making will become a lot easier while allotting the seats during the final admission process.
  • A powerful content sharing system for storing, publishing, editing/modifying, organizing, deleting, sharing content in various formats
  • Quick analysis of the data will become possible.
  • Faster report generation.
  • Access to even the minute details will be feasible.
  • User friendly module for getting insight about all the specifications.
  • Data security will be ensured.

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