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Educational Management Software India – A Support for University Administration

June 7, 2017

ERP based system has brought huge change in educational institutions. Ensures that nothing in the college or university goes unattended it does improve the relationship of students and management “A major challenge in ERP execution is the choosing the suitable training for the end-user and education.” Universities are understood to be well-known for their necessary […]

Education sector in India

Education Sector in India – Refining Today’s Learning Scenario

May 3, 2017

Modern educational systems are all about imparting the right knowledge and know how through a technical system. Earlier, there were limited options for colleges for maintaining a professional management system. However, with the launch of ERP software solutions by some reputed and trusted software development companies, the task has eased to a large extent. ERP […]


Survive in The Competitive education Field with today’s College Management Software

April 19, 2017

Learning campuses are growing rapidly in India. It is not an easy task to work with all departments in an educational department. These days colleges have learning campuses which have several departments. These departments in colleges need to operate smoothly. In order to run departments in a smooth process, you need to use ERP software. […]

Benefits of School Management System and College Management Software

March 20, 2017

The use of open source software in higher education has taken off over the past few years with growing interest in the education sector. It is improving the operational efficiency of an institution. Below are few of the main advantages of the School or College Management Software that it offers to any educational institution. iCloudEMS […]

University System

ERP has Redefined todays University Management System

March 6, 2017

Handling any academy, school or college is a huge task with loads of hurdles in handling day to day activities. In the past, there was a time when the university management system had few selections and authority to actually exercise on many departments. Most of the responsibilities were limited and based on outdated systems of […]


Impact of Cloud Computing in Organizations

February 27, 2017

Change is only constant. Change occurs till it finds the threshold point. When it attains at the threshold point, it breaks and transforms in different shape and different Technology, which terms as Evolution. Communication and Digitization brings the world nearer and nearer. When we talk about space management, people are focusing on Moon to settle […]


Education Sector and Benefits of ERP (University and Colleges)

January 20, 2017

The business management software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is usually an application of integrated applications used for collection, storing, managing and interpreting data from many business operations activities. Modules of a college management system Admission Module: The college ERP admission module is meant to conveniently and easily run the admission procedures of the client institution. […]

Educational ERP

Benefits of Different Educational ERP

January 10, 2017

The management of educational institutions holds responsibility to the stakeholders. Before the advent of educational software like college ERP, each of the administrative duties and functions of the administration had to be done manually. Benefits of college ERP By the time passed by, the ERP software emerged and desirable features were added to education ERPs […]


Infographic of educational ERP

January 4, 2017

Flawless management of an educational institution is vital in the way of success of every school/college. Latest technology developments that have appeared in the educational ERP market are helping manage various aspects of the management like student fees, time table, canteen, hostel, examination. And choosing the right educational ERP software for school management is as […]


Automation of Campus Management for Curriculum to Improve Teaching

December 15, 2016

The online launch of the education ERP campus management software for curriculum mapping tools showing significant results. With this launch, the software making the first step in its quest to lead in the education ERP market. The united a team of technology experts of the campus management software had worked hard to bring out their […]


Budgeting, Educational Institutes, and Campus ERP System

December 14, 2016

Every organization, whether commercial or nonprofit, makes its own budget to run the organization smoothly throughout the financial year. And education industry and its components like educational institutes of the size, big or small is also no exception. Budget is usually the first aspect which management of an educational institute focuses on choosing a vendor […]


Decisive aspects that seek attention prior to choose a cloud-based solution

February 12, 2016

Choosing and owning seek time and a whole lot of inquiry and analysis. The same is applicable equally in selecting a cloud hosting solution for the business. Cloud computing is shining brightest in the field of information technology. The IT giants Microsoft, Google and Amazon are also showing interest and setting examples in cloud computing […]

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